The Settlement Players performed at various theatres until 1956 when they moved to performing at the newly opened Little Theatre, Kincaid Hall, Settlement.





1939 Apr The Fourth Wall A. A. Milne Gwen Spinks
1940 Jan The Shewing-up of Blanco Posnet G. B. Shaw Ken Ponder
Jan Sunday Costs Five Pesos; The Spartan Girl Josephina Niggli, A. J. Talbot
Feb Call to Kenilworth; Celestial Meeting; The Sword is Double Edged Bernard Youngman, Clive Sanson, Arthur Swinson Bernard Youngman, Gwen Spinks , William Harrison
Feb The Sister who Walked in Silence; One Evening at Nero’s Philip Johnson, A. J. Talbot Ken Spinks , Gwen Spinks
Members of The Jury; After The Tempest Stuart Ready; Geoffrey Tease
Apr The Cloak; Ali The Cobbler Clifford Bax; Martin Sheppard Ken Spinks
May And Now The Journey; Puppet Play Conrade Carter, Sydney Box Bernard Youngman, Gwen Spinks
Dec Arms and the Man G. B. Shaw Gwen Spinks
1941 Too True to be Good G. B. Shaw Ken Spinks
Playboy of The Western World J. M. Synge Ken Spinks
Feb Its Autumn Now; Back to Adam; Midsummer Nights Dream Philip Johnson; Harold Brighouse; William Shakespeare Ken Spinks , Gwen Spinks
1942 May Tobias and the Angel James Bridie Ken Spinks
Nov Second Visit; A Present From Saltsea Unknown Elaine Tickle; Alec Barrett
Nov/Dec Death takes a Holiday Alberto Casella Ken Spinks
1943 Apr A Hundred Years Old S & J Quintero, English Version by Helen and Harley Granville-Barker Gwen Spinks
Jul The Beggars Opera John Gay Ken Spinks
Nov The Proposal; Marry Go Round; Perfect Hero Anton Checkhov, Sydney Box, F. Sladen Smith Henry Wilkins; Ken Spinks , Marjorie Manners
1944 Oct Caesar and Cleopatra G. B. Shaw Ken Spinks & Gwen Spinks
1945 Apr Mr Pim Passes By A. A. Milne Gwen Spinks
Dec 1066 and all That Seller & Yeatman, Reginald Arkell & Alfred Reynolds Ken Spinks , Gwen Spinks
1946 May Outward Bound Sutton Vane Ken Spinks
Nov Dear Brutus J. M. Barrie Gwen Spinks
Dec Ambrose Applejohn’s Adventure Walter Hackett Hugh Bidwell
1947 Dec St Joan G. B. Shaw Ken Spinks
1948 Mar The Cradle song Martinez Sierra Gwen Spinks
May Hay Fever Noel Coward Alec Barrett
Nov An Inspector calls J. B. Priestley Gwen Spinks
Dec The School for Scandal Richard Brinsley Sheridan Ken Spinks , Noel Ripley
1949 Apr The Dover road A. A. Milne Ken Spinks
Nov The Queen who kept her Head Winifred Carter Charles Heriot
1950 Mar Bonaventure Carlotte Hastings Gwen Spinks
Jun Doctor Knock Jules Romains Charles Heriot
1951 1066 and All That Seller & Yeatman, Reginald Arkell & Alfred Reynolds Ken Spinks , Joint Production
1952 Mar Maria Marten The Red Barn Murder Noel Ripley
Man and Superman G. B. Shaw Ken Spinks
Dec The Caliph’s Cure Monte Middleton, Hugh Bidwell Hugh Bidwell, Gwen Spinks
1953 One Act Plays and Mimes- Such Sweet Sorrow; Sunday Costs Five Pesos; The Tinsel Duchess Cedric Mount, Josephina Niggli, Philip Johnson Monte Middleton, Ken Spinks, Gwen Spinks
Apr Antigone
Jean Anouilh Noel Ripley
Beauty and the Beast Nicholas Stuart Grey Gwen Spinks
Nov Two Plays by G B Shaw G. B. Shaw Hugh Bidwell, Ken Spinks
1954 From Over the Hills and MIMES Howard Agg Ella Edwards
Apr Home at Seven R.C. Sherriff Gwen Spinks
Nov The Admirable Crichton J. M. Barrie Ken Spinks
Dec One Act Play Festival; Still Waters; The Sister Who Walked In Silence; A Phoenix Too Frequent Delsie Darke, Philip Johnson, Christopher Fry
1955 Feb Arms and the Man G. B. Shaw Ella Edwards
Mar The Surprise Gwen Spinks
Oct The Barretts of Wimpole Street Rudolph Besier Gwen Spinks
1956 Jun The Alchemist Ben Johnson Noel Ripley
Nov The Lady’s not for burning Christopher Fry Gwen Spinks
1957 Mar The Importance of being Earnest Oscar Wilde Ken Spinks
Jun Androcles and the Lion G. B. Shaw Ken Spinks
Nov Robert’s Wife John Irvine Gwen Spinks
1958 May Sweeney Todd Noel Ripley
Nov The Crucible Arthur Miller Noel Ripley
1959 May The Devil’s Disciple G. B. Shaw Ken Spinks
Nov Dark of the Moon Howard Richardson
& William Berney
Noel Ripley
1960 Mar Towards Zero Agatha Christie Gwen Spinks
Oct Three One Act Plays Sacha Guitry, Nina Warner Hooke, Josephina Niggli William Pearce, Joan Dixon, Ken Spinks
Nov She stoops to conquer Oliver Goldsmith Noel Ripley