Call to Kenilworth; Celestial Meeting; The Sword is Double Edged

Call to Kenilworth by Bernard Youngman; Celestial Meeting by Clive Sanson;
The Sword is Double Edged by Arthur Swinson  
4th February 1940

40 kenilworth sword outer

Call to Kenilworth

Janet : Nora Spinks

Marian: Amy Childe-Warren

Amy Roberts : Barbara Dawson

Pedlar : Hugh Bidwell

Forster : William Harrison

Varnet : Harry Doherty

Celestial Meeting

Viola : Christobel Thompson

Desdemona : Daphne Knott

Lady Macbeth : Grace Coles

At the Piano : Miss Luen

The Sword is Double Edged

Pygmalion, A Young Sculptor : Ken Spinks

Moira, Fiancee : Joan Gurney

Almeta, His Friend : Paddy Wright

Jove, A God with a Past : Oscar Backhouse

Galatea, A Girl with a Future : Kathleen Fitzpatrick


Call to Kenilworth

Producer : Bernard Youngman

Celestial Meeting

Producer : Gwen Spinks

The Sword is Double Edged

Producer : William Harrison