Towards Zero

Towards Zero by Agatha Christie
23rd – 26th March 1960 at The Little Theatre, Letchworth

Lady Tressilian invites her ward for his annual visit at Gull’s Point. He insists on bringing both his former wife and his present wife, though Lady Tressilian finds this awkward. Her old friend Treves dies, then she is murdered as well; Superintendent Battle and his nephew are called in.

60 towards outer60 towards inner

Thomas Royde : Stuart Needham

Kay Stange : Jennifer Beatie

Mary Aldin : Patricia Lister

Mathew Treves : Hugh Bidwell

Nevile Strange : Edward Falcon

Lady Tressilian : Elaine Tickle

Audrey Strange : Susan Fleming

Superintendent Battle, CID Scotland Yard : George Andrews

Inspector Leach, Local CID : George Taylor

Pc Benson : John Elson


Producer : Gwen Spinks

Assistant producer : Joyce Jones

Stage Manager : Percy Simmonds

Electrician : David Fyfe