And Now The Journey; Puppet Play

And Now The Journey by unknown and Puppet Play by Sydney Box  May 1940

Information from Garden City Collection, Ref LBM4074.15.184


And Now The Journey

Henry : Charles Bygrave

Henry’s Wife : Kathleen Fitzpatrick

Bert : Edward Owens

Daughter : Winnie Stubbs

Puppet Play

King of Lemonland : Selwyn Coles

Princess, His Daughter : Ella Edwards

Countess, His Cousin: Joyce Boonan

Queen of Orangeland : Eileen Wagstaff

Prince, Her Son, Bob Handyside

Baron, Her Cousin : Harry Doherty

First Soldier : Jack Hannah

Second Soldier : John Spence


And Now The Journey

Producer : Bernard Youngman

Puppet Play

Producer : Gwen Spinks