The Devil’s Disciple

The Devils Disciple by G B Shaw  7th – 9th May 1959
Performed at The Little Theatre, Letchworth

Set in 1777 Colonial America during the Revolutionary era, the play tells the story of Richard Dudgeon, a local outcast and self-proclaimed “Devil’s disciple”. In a twist characteristic of Shaw’s love of paradox, Dudgeon sacrifices himself in a Christ-like gesture despite his professed Infernal allegiance.

59 devil outer

59 devil inner

59 devil extra1

59 devil extra2


Mrs Dudgeon : Ella Edwards

Essie : Jill Dawson

Christy Dudgeon : Alan Whiteman

Rev. Anderson : Hugh Bidwell

Judith Anderson : Peggy Branch

Lawyer Hawkins : James Innes

Uncle William : Leslie Dixon

Aunt William : Shelia Lamb

Uncle Titus : Joe Platten

Aunt Titus : Agnes Lyons

Dick Dudgeon : William Pearce

Sergeant : David Fyfe

Major Swindon : Antony Clayton

General Burgoyne : Ken Spinks

Brudenell : Harold Cook

Soldiers and Villagers

Messrs : A Lupton, John Elson, H G Vickery, M Timmis, M Beatie, Miss Jones

Mesdames : J Beatie, L Henshaw, Joan Dixon


Producer : Ken Spinks

Stage Manager : Percy Simmonds

Mistress of Wardrobe : Elaine Tickle