One Act Play Festival; Still Waters; The Sister Who Walked In Silence; A Phoenix Too Frequent

One Act Play Festival by Various
3rd – 4th December 1954 at The Little Theatre, Letchworth


Still Waters by Delsie Darke

Papa Montmorency : Sandy McCulloch

Miss Sophie Montmorency : Doreen Virden

Miss Agnes Montmorency : Rose Braham

Miss Louise Montmorency : Christa Topham

Rev Amos Higgins : John Cruse

Poppy : Lorna Henville

The Sister Who Walked In Silence by Philip Johnson

Flash Roper : Ken Wilson

Captain Snark : Joe Platten

The Girl : Peggy Timmis

The Woman : Jacqueline Smedley

A Phoenix Too Frequent by Christopher Fry

Doto : Joyce Jones

Dynamene : Ella Edwards

Tegeus : John Glass


Stage Manager : Percy Simmonds