The Caliph’s Cure

The Caliph’s Cure – An Extravaganza by Monte Middleton and Hugh Bidwell

Dec 1952 at The Little Theatre, Letchworth

52 cure extra3

52 cure extra2

52 cure extra1


Lamour, A Wife of the Caliph : Joyce Jones

Katinka, A Wife of the Caliph : Jean Chatfield

Leda, A Wife of the Caliph : Margaret Bidwell

Atlanta, A Wife of the Caliph : Winnie Stubbs

Saccharina, A Wife of the Caliph : Ann Holt

Fatima, A Wife of the Caliph : John Wheeler

The Caliph, Abu Ben Hussian : Noel Ripley

His Grand Visier, Old Mossy Dick : Hugh Bidwell

Scherazade, His Daughter, known as Sherry : Juliet Woolf

Ahmed, His Page, in love with Sherry : Monte Middleton

Fling-Hi, An Acrobat : Vic Ryall

Sam Goldstein, An American Film Magnate : Michael Everitt

Rudolph the Rake : Derek Booth

I. Strain, A Comic : Joe Platten

A Dessert Policeman : David Fyfe

Dr Svengali, A Psychiatrist : Derek Booth

The Good Fairy : Molly Booth

Abanazar, The Bad Magician : Dick Knight

The Old Spinx : Ken Spinks

The Keeper of the Social Conscience, An Official in the Garden City : David Fyfe

Stentorious Sambo : Vic Ryall

Joe Smith, The Letchworthy : Stephen Ward

Mrs Smith, His Mother : Edith Warnock

Two Rival Chairman of the Council : Joe Platten, Michael Everitt

A Camel : Ella Edwards, Pat Lister

A Scullion : Joyce Jones

The Clerk from the National Health : Rosemary Fowler

Guards, Pages, Women of the Harem, Autograph Hunters, Letchworthians : Ann Manners, Barbara Spinks, John Williams, J Tanner


Production : Gwen Spinks , Hugh Bidwell

Music : Hugh Middleton

Stage Manager : Percy Simmonds

Lighting : Stanley Dutton

Décor : Hugh Bidwell

Spink & Backcloth : Noel Ripley

Dances :  Margaret Bidwell

Costume Design : Noel Ripley

Wardrobe : Pat Lister, Edith Warnock, Muriel Whalley

Properties : Ella Edwards

Accompanist : Margery Manners

House Manager : Stephen Ward