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A and P Stuart Nine Till Six Apr 1938
A. A. Milne Mr Pim Passes By 1926
A. A. Milne Wurzel Flummery 1927
A. A. Milne The Fourth Wall Apr 1939
A. A. Milne Mr Pim Passes By Apr 1945
A. A. Milne The Dover road Apr 1949
A. A. Milne Festival – The Boy Comes Own 1954
A. A. Milne The Man in the Bowler Hat 2013
A. J. Talbot One Evening at Nero’s Feb 1940
A. J. Talbot Lucrezia Borgia’s Little Party 1947
A. J. Talbot Festival of One Act Plays – One Evening at Nero’s 1962
A. J. Talbot adapted from Euripides The Spartan Girl 1955
A. P. Herbert Two Gentlemen of Soho 1979
Adapted by Noel Ripley The Play of the Yorkshire Shepherds 1987
Agatha Christie Towards Zero Mar 1960
Alan Ayckbourn Just between Ourselves Feb 1980
Alan Ayckbourn After Eight- Countdown Nov 1983
Alan Ayckbourn Bedroom Farce Nov 1984
Alan Ayckbourn Gosforth’s Fete 1985
Alan Ayckbourn A Talk in the Park 1988
Alan Ayckbourn Ten Times Table Nov 1989
Alan Ayckbourn Living together Jun 1992
Alan Ayckbourn Season’s Greetings Nov 1996
Alan Ayckbourn Table Manners Nov 1998
Alan Ayckbourn Round and Round the Garden Nov 2000
Alan Ayckbourn Season’s Greetings Nov 2007
Alan Ayckbourn It Could be Any One of Us Jun 2008
Alan Ayckbourn Mother Figure 2009
Alan Ayckbourn Snake In The Grass June 2012
Alan Ayckbourn Ten Times Table Feb 2014
Alan Bennett Talking Heads & Tails – A Women of Letters May 1995
Alan Bennett Soldering On, Her Big Chance 2019
Alan Cohen The Little Peasant 1970
Alan Plater I Thought I Heard a Rustling June 2002
Alberto Casella Death takes a Holiday Nov/Dec 1942
Aldous Huxley The Gioconda Smile Feb 1967
Alfred Sutro The Marriage Will Not Take Place 1925
Alice Gerstenberg Overtones 2012
Amanda Whittington Ladies Day Mar 2022
Andrew Davies Rose Feb 1996
Anton Checkhov The Proposal Nov 1943
Anton Chekhov The Bear 1948
Anton Chekhov Festival – The Bear 1954
Anton Chekhov The Cherry Orchard May 1970
Anton Chekhov The Proposal 1975
Anton Chekhov The Seagull May 1979
Anton Chekhov Uncle Vanya Feb 1983
Anton Chekhov Three Sisters Feb 1997
Antony Booth Festival of One Act Plays – The Body is All Yours 1962
April De Angelis Playhouse Creatures Mar 2019
Archie Douglas Festival – The Flower 1954
Archie Douglas Flower of Youth 1954
Arnold Ridley The Ghost Train Feb 1982
Arnold Ridley The Ghost Train Jun 2018
Arthur Kopit Indians Nov 1971
Arthur Kopit The Conquest of Everest 1971
Arthur Miller The Crucible Nov 1958
Arthur Miller A View from the Bridge Nov 1961
Arthur Swinson The Sword is Double Edged Feb 1940
Arthur Swinson The Senora 1960
Audrey McBain Talking Heads & Tails –Cast Off Five May 1995
Ben Johnson The Alchemist Jun 1956
Ben Travers Thark Nov 1980
Ben W Levy Festival of Plays – The truth about truth 1960
Ben W Levy The Rape of the Belt May 1962
Bernard Youngman Call to Kenilworth Feb 1940
Bernard Youngman Call to Kenilworth 1940
Bertha Moore O.B.E Quits 1931
Bertolt Brecht The Caucasian Chalk Circle 1966
Bertolt Brecht Mother Courage and her Children Nov 1975
Bertolt Brecht Mother Courage (Scene 3) 1976
Bertolt Brecht The Parable of the Good Woman of Setzuan Nov 1977
Bill Macilwraith The Anniversary Nov 2006
Bob Larbey Building Blocks June 2003
Bob Larbey A Month of Sundays Feb 2007
Brian Clemens The Edge of Darkness Feb 1998
Brian Clemens & Dennis Spooner A Sting in the Tale May 1998
Brian Friel The London Vertigo 1994
Brian Friel Dancing at Lughnasa Nov 1995
Brian J Burton Ghost of a Chance 2010
Brothers Capek The Insect Play Nov 1936
Carlo Goldoni, adapted by Lee Hall A Servant to Two Masters Feb 2016
Carlotte Hastings Bonaventure Mar 1950
Cedric Mount 20th Century Lullaby 1940
Cedric Mount One Act Plays and Mimes – Such Sweet Sorrow 1953
Charles Baldwin Eight comedy sketches (Such is Love) May 1983
Charles Lee Festival of One Act Plays – Mr Sampson 1962
Charles Lee Mr Sampson 1964
Charles Mander Shop for charity Jun 1990
Charles Morgan The River Line (act 2) 1965
Charlotte Hastings Bonaventure May 1968
Christopher Fry One Act Play Festival; A Phoenix Too Frequent Dec 1954
Christopher Fry The Lady’s not for burning Nov 1956
Christopher Fry A Phoenix Too Frequent 1983
Christopher Hails Tis Folly to be Wise 2014
Claire Hogan  Fake or Fortune  Sep 2023
Clifford Bax The Cloak Apr 1940
Clive Sanson Celestial Meeting Feb 1940
Conrad Carter; Dorothy Carr; John Turpin Blunder 1965
Conrade Carter And Now The Journey May 1940
Constance Cox adapted from Oscar Wilde Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime Feb 1995
Constance Cox, adapted from Oscar Wilde Lord Arthur Savile’s crime May 1967
Constance Cox, adapted from Oscar Wilde Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime (act 2) 1967
Constance Cox, adapted from Oscar Wilde Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime Feb 2013
Dan Remmes Three Tables 2017
Darren Little Wetwork 2016
David Campton The Laboratory Feb 1973
David Campton The Winter of 1917 1999
David Campton Singing in the Wilderness 2000
David Campton After Midnight – Before Dawn 2015
David Gregory The Trouble with Limoncello 2016
David Henry Wilson Summer Extra – How to make your Theatre Pay 2010
David McGillivray & Walter Zerlin Jnr The Haunted Through Lounge and recessed dining nook at Farndale Castle May 1991
David McGillivray & Walter Zerlin Jnr Chase Me Up Farndale Avenue, S’il Vous Plait! Feb 2017
David McGillvray & Walter Zerlin Jnr The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomens Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery Feb 1987
David McGillvray & Walter Zerlin Jnr The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomens Guild Dramatic Society’s Production of Macbeth Jun 2022
David Tristram Inspector Drake: The Perfekt Crime June 2006
David Tristram Ghost Writer Nov 2009
David Tristram Joining the club 2014
David Tristram Sex, drugs and Rick n Noel Nov 2018
David Turner Semi-detached May 1964
Delsie Darke One Act Play Festival; Still Waters; Dec 1954
Dilys Gater The Cavern 1988
Dion Boucicault The Shaughraun Nov 1992
Dorothy Carr Willow, Woe is Me 1949
Douglas Jerrold, Adapted by Noel Ripley Black Ey’d Susan Nov 1966
Eden Phillpotts The Farmers Wife Apr 1934
Edmond Rostand The Sentimentalists Apr 1924
Edward Percy The Widow of Heardingas 1951
Edward Percy Ladies in Retirement May 1985
Ella Edwards adapted from Antony Trollope Mary Thorne May 1989
Ella Edwards adapted from Arnold Bennett Anna of the five towns Jun 1986
Elliot Strange A Jolly Sinister Jape 2019
Emlyn Williams The Late Christopher Bean Feb 1936
Emlyn Williams Night must fall Nov 1986
Emlyn Williams Cuckoo Nov 1990
Enid Bagnold The Chalk Garden Feb 1969
Eric Chapell Natural Causes May 1996
Eric Chappell Haywire May 2001
Eric Chappell Theft June 2004
Eric Coble Ties That Bind 2019
F. Harvey The Day after the Fair May 1980
F. Sladen Smith St. Simeons Stylites 1934
F. Sladen Smith The Man Who Wouldn’t go to Heaven 1938
F. Sladen Smith Perfect Hero Nov 1943
F. Sladen Smith Festival of Plays -The Poison Party 1958
F. Sladen Smith The Poison Party 1958
Federico Garcia Lorca Blood Wedding (Act 3) 1991
Francis Beamont & John Fletcher The Knight of the Burning Pestle Nov 1968
Francis Durbridge The Small hours Feb 1994
Frank Marcus The Killing of Sister George Jun 1987
Frank Vosper Love from a Stranger Feb 1984
Frederick Knott Dial M for Murder Mar 2018
Frederick Knott Wait Until Dark Jun 2023
G and M Sierra Cradle Song (Excerpt) 1959
G. A. Thomas Gods Jailer 1938
G. B. Shaw The Man of Destiny 1927
G. B. Shaw Arms and the Man Nov 1929
G. B. Shaw Fanny’s First Play 1930
G. B. Shaw The Devil’s Disciple Feb 1933
G. B. Shaw Pygmalion Nov 1933
G. B. Shaw You Never Can Tell Feb 1934
G. B. Shaw Major Barbara Nov 1935
G. B. Shaw The Shewing-up of Blanco Posnet Jan 1940
G. B. Shaw Arms and the Man Dec 1940
G. B. Shaw Too True to be Good 1941
G. B. Shaw Caesar and Cleopatra Oct 1944
G. B. Shaw St Joan Dec 1947
G. B. Shaw Man and Superman 1952
G. B. Shaw Two Plays by G B Shaw Nov 1953
G. B. Shaw Back to Methuselah (excerpt) 1954
G. B. Shaw Arms and the Man Feb 1955
G. B. Shaw Androcles and the Lion Jun 1957
G. B. Shaw The Devil’s Disciple May 1959
G. B. Shaw Jitta’s Atonement Nov 1965
G. B. Shaw Great Catherine (acts 1, 2 and 4) 1968
G. B. Shaw Pygmalion Feb 1976
G. B. Shaw Arms and the Man Nov 1976
G. B. Shaw Overruled 1978
G. B. Shaw Candida May 1984
G. B. Shaw Candida (act 2) 1984
Gattey & Lawrence The White Falcon Nov 1972
Geoffery Whitworth Father Noah Apr 1929
Geoffrey Tease After The Tempest 1940
George Arthurs Eight comedy sketches (The Love Letter) May 1983
George Farquar The Beaux Strategem Nov 1979
Georges Faydeau (translated by Michael Pilch) Night Errant 1996
Georgina Reid Ladies of Spirit Nov 2015
Gillian Plowman Summer Extra – Close to Croydon 2010
Gillian Plowman The Janna Years 1995
Gillian Plowman A Kind of Vesuvius 2007
Gillian Plowman Philip and Rowena 2019
Glyn Jones Thriller of the Year Feb 2002
Graham Linehan The Ladykillers June 2015
Guida Swan Festival of Plays -Deborah Comes Home 1958
Guida Swan Festival of Plays – For love or money 1959
Guida Swan & Joan Hyde, Festival of Plays – Sometime..Never… 1960
Gwyn Clark When the Bough Breaks 1974
Hackett & Megrue It Pays to Advertise Nov 1937
Hamilton Deane & John L Balderston, adapted from Bram Stoker Dracula Nov 2019
Harold Brighouse Back to Adam Feb 1941
Harold Brighouse Hobson’s Choice Feb 1972
Harold Brighouse Hobson’s Choice (act 1) 1972
Harold Pinter Without Rhyme or Reason (Last to go, Black and White) 1962
Harold Pinter Eight comedy sketches (The Applicant, Trouble in the Works, Black and White, The Last to go) May 1983
Harold Pinter The Lover (Original) 2008
Harold Pinter The Lover (Reprise) 2009
Hedi Hughes Festival – The Time has Come 1954
Henrik Ibsen Hedda Gabler Feb 1985
Henry James The Heiress Mar 1961
Henry James The Aspern Papers Feb 1968
Howard Agg From Over the Hills and MIMES 1954
Howard Richardson & William Berney Dark of the Moon Nov 1959
Hugh Bidwell, Donald Griggs & Noel Ripley 1903 and So What Sep 1963
Hugh Chesterman The Pie and the Tart 1953
Hugh Chesterman The Pie and the Tart 1962
Hugh Whitemore Stevie May 1988
Hugh Whitemore Stevie (act 2) 1989
Hugh Whitemore Breaking the Code June 2013
Ira Levin Deathtrap Nov 2005
Ivan Phillips Remembering Eddie 2004
Ivan Phillips Little Red Riding Hood 2005
Ivan Phillips The Leg 2006
Ivan Phillips The Wise Man Knows 2012
J. B. Fagan And so to bed Feb 1975
J. B. Priestley Laburnum Grove Apr 1937
J. B. Priestley An Inspector calls Nov 1948
J. B. Priestley When we are married Nov 1963
J. B. Priestley I have been here before Mar 1965
J. B. Priestley Dangerous Corner Feb 1978
J. B. Priestley When we are married Feb 1989
J. B. Priestley An Inspector Calls Feb 2008
J. J. Bell Thread O’Scarlet Apr 1930
J. M. Barrie Dear Brutus Nov 1946
J. M. Barrie The Admirable Crichton Nov 1954
J. M. Barrie The Twelve Pound Look 2001
J. M. Synge The Shadow of the Glen Dec 1928
J. M. Synge Playboy of The Western World 1941
J. M. Synge Riders to the Sea Nov 1966
J. M. Synge Riders to the Sea 1967
James Bridie Tobias and the Angel May 1942
James Innes Festival of Plays – Till the cows come home 1959
James Innes Festival of Plays – No entry 1960
James Innes Half Dead Mar 1963
James Innes Festival of Plays -The Take Over 1958
James Saunders Barnstable 1972
James Saunders A Slight Accident 1993
James Saunders, Fay Weldon, Alan Ayckbourn, David Campton Mixed Doubles (Various one act plays) 1977
Jan Stewer Barnet’s Folly May 1936
Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice (scenes) 1924
Janet Green Murder Mistaken Feb 1979
Jean Anouilh Antigone Apr 1953
Jean Anouilh Antigone 1963
Jean Anouilh The Waltz of the Toreadors Nov 1985
Jean Lenox Toddie Tell Me Another Story, Sing Me Another Song 2014
Jean McConnell Cupboard Love 2015
Jean McConnell Doggies 2015
Jeanie O’Hare, adapted from William Shakespeare Queen Margaret Mar 2020
Jeffrey Archer Beyond Reasonable Doubt Nov 2010
Jeffrey Archer The Accused Nov 22
Jim Anderson The Second Night 2018
Jim Anderson The Second Night 2019
Jimmie Chinn A Respectful Funeral 2002
Jimmie Chinn Pity about Kitty 2003
Jimmie Chinn Interior Designs 2014
Jimmy Perry & David Croft Dad’s Army Nov 2016
Joe Orton Ruffian on the Stair (Original) 2009
Joe Orton What the Butler Saw Jun 2010
Joe Orton Ruffian on The Stair (Reprise) 2010
John Bowen After Eight-The Waiting Room Nov 1983
John Bowen Florence Nightingale Feb 2006
John Chapman & Dave Freeman Key For Two May 2000
John Drinkwater Mary Stuart Apr 1929
John Drinkwater Bird in Hand Apr 1933
John Gay The Beggars Opera Jul 1943
John H. Newmeir Babysitting Calvin 2013
John Irvine Robert’s Wife Nov 1957
John Madison Morton Box & Cox May 1993
John Mortimer The Lunch Hour 1982
Joseph Kesselring Arsenic and Old Lace Nov 2003
Josephina Niggli The Red Velvet Goat 1939
Josephina Niggli One Act Plays and Mimes – Sunday Costs Five Pesos 1953
Josephina Niggli After Eight- Sunday Costs Five Pesos Nov 1983
Josephina Niggli, A. J. Talbot Sunday Costs Five Pesos; The Spartan Girl Jan 1940
Jules Romains Doctor Knock Jun 1950
Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall Billy Liar May 1982
Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall Squat Betty Feb 1992
Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall Squat Betty 1992
Ken Ludwig The Games Afoot or Holmes For The Holidays  Nov 2023
King and Boland Murder In Company Feb 2009
L de Franquen The Ring Game 1956
L du Garde Peach The criminal 1931
Labiche & Marc-Michel An Italian straw hat May 1961
Lady Gregory The Rising of the Moon Dec 1928
Lady Gregory The Workhouse Ward Dec 1928
Laurence Housman Three Little Plays of St Francis Dec 1923
Lesley Bruce My Own Show Feb 2015
Lionel Hale She passed through Lorraine Nov 1962
Lucian Without Rhyme or Reason (A beauty Contest) 1962
Lynda Marchal With all my love I hate you Jun 1990
Lynn Brittany Summer Extra – Failed Investments 2010
Marc Camoletti Don’t Dress for Dinner May 1999
Martin Sheppard Ali The Cobbler Apr 1940
Martin Vale The Two Mrs Carrolls May 1971
Martinez Sierra The Cradle song Mar 1948
Maurice Coles Festival of Plays – Destination Venus 1959
Maurice Coles The Generation Factor 1969
Maurice McLoughlin A Letter from the General Jan 1970
Maurice McLoughlin Brush with a body Feb 1993
Michael Frayn Alphabetical Order Feb 1981
Michael Frayn Talking Heads & Tails – Black and Silver; Cast Off Five May 1995
Michael Snelgrove Hidden Meanings Feb 1992
Michael Snelgrove Hidden Meanings 1992
Molière The Miser Nov 1994
Molière Tartuffe Feb 2004
Monte Middleton The Night Outlives your Bravery 1952
Monte Middleton Hugh Bidwell The Caliph’s Cure Dec 1952
N. C. Hunter Waters of the Moon Feb 1966
N. F. Simpson Without Rhyme or Reason (Its my feet Doctor, A Resounding Tinkle 1962
N. F. Simpson The Form May 1978
Neil Harrison Whodidit? 2012
Neil Harrison Whodidit? 2013
Neil Simon Plaza Suite May 1994
Neil Simon Last of the Red Hot Lovers May 1997
Neil Simon Last of the Red Hot Lovers (act 1) 1998
Neil Simon Rumours Nov 2004
Neil Simon Barefoot in the Park June 2005
Neil Simon The Odd Couple Feb 2012
Nicholas Stuart Grey Beauty and the Beast 1953
Nick Hall Pastiche 1997
Noel Coward The Young Idea Nov 1934
Noel Coward Hay Fever May 1948
Noel Coward Present Laughter May 1965
Noel Coward Hay Fever May 1976
Noel Coward Come into The Garden Maud 1981
Noel Coward Blithe Spirit Nov 1988
Noel Coward Present Laughter Feb 2001
Noel Coward Still Life 2008
Noel Coward Blithe Spirit Jun 2009
Noel Coward Hay Fever Jun 2019
Noel Coward Present Laughter Nov 2021
Noel Ripley The Sins of the Fathers Nov/Dec 1967
Noel Ripley A Dream of John Bull Nov 1969
Noel Ripley The Red Barn Mystery Nov 1970
Noel Ripley Ebenezer’s Magnetic Dream Town Oct 1983
Noel Ripley The Journey 1986
Norman Holland Daughter of the Left Hand May 1975
Norman Robbins A Tomb with a view Nov 1982
Norman Robbins Prescription for Murder June 2011
Oliphant Down Maker of Dreams Apr 1930
Oliver Goldsmith She Stoops to Conquer Nov 1938
Oliver Goldsmith She stoops to conquer Nov 1960
Oliver Goldsmith She Stoops to Conquer Nov 1999
Oscar Wilde The Importance of being Earnest Mar 1957
Oscar Wilde Festival of Plays – A woman of no importance (excerpt) 1959
Oscar Wilde Lady Windermere’s Fan Nov 1978
Oscar Wilde A Woman of No Importance Nov 1993
Oscar Wilde The Importance of Being Earnest Nov 1997
Oscar Wilde An Ideal Husband Nov 2001
Oscar Wilde The Importance of Being Earnest Mar 2023
Patrick Hamilton This is Impossible 1960
Patrick Hamilton Gas Light Mar 1977
Patrick Hamilton Gaslight Feb 2010
Peter Coke Breath of Spring Feb 1974
Peter Coke Midsummer Mink Feb 1986
Peter Horsler The Intruder 2005
Peter Quilter Duets 2015
Peter Quilter Bride to Be 2016
Peter Shaffer Black Comedy Feb 1973
Peter Shaffer Black Comedy May 1993
Peter Shaffer Lettice and Loveage Feb 1999
Peter Ustinov Romanoff and Juliet Nov 1964
Peter Ustinov Halfway up the tree Nov 1987
Philip Johnson legend 1931
Philip Johnson The Lovely Miracle 1933
Philip Johnson The Sister who Walked in Silence Feb 1940
Philip Johnson Its Autumn Now Feb 1941
Philip Johnson One Act Plays and Mimes – The Tinsel Duchess 1953
Philip Johnson One Act Play Festival; The Sister Who Walked In Silence Dec 1954
Philip Johnson Festival of One Act Plays – The Sister who Walked in Silence 1962
Polly Teale Bronte Nov 2017
Purcell Dido and Aeneas Feb 1925
R. C. Sherriff Home at Seven Apr 1954
R. C. Sherriff Home at Seven Feb 1991
R. F. Delderfield Home is The Hunted 2009
Rae Shirley The Bus Stop 2011
Ray Lawler Summer of the Seventeenth Doll Feb 1971
Richard Brinsley Sheridan The School for Scandal Dec 1948
Richard Sheridan The Rivals 1931
Richard Tydeman Two Intervals – Staff Room; The Night Before 1963
Rob Johnston Doors The Opposite of Claustrophobia 2016
Robert Bolt A Man for all Seasons Nov 2011
Robert Iles The Chip Van Plays Dixie 2016
Robert Scott All By Myself 2018
Robin Maugham The Servant May 1974
Roger S. Moss Nightmare: The Fright of Your Life Feb 2000
Roland Pertwee Pink String and Sealing Wax Nov 1991
Royce Ryton The Anastasia File Feb 1990
Rudolph Besier The Barretts of Wimpole Street Oct 1955
S & J Quintero, English Version by Helen and Harley Granville-Barker A Hundred Years Old Apr 1943
S & J Quintero, English Version by Helen and Harley Granville-Barker A Hundred Years old May 1969
S. I. Hsiung Lady Precious Stream May 1937
Sacha Guitry, Nina Warner Hooke, Josephina Niggli Three One Act Plays Oct 1960
Sam & Bella Spewack My Three Angels May 1972
Sam & Bella Spewack My Three Angels Nov 2002
Seller & Yeatman, Reginald Arkell & Alfred Reynolds 1066 and all That Dec 1945
Seller & Yeatman, Reginald Arkell & Alfred Reynolds 1066 and All That 1951
Steve Thompson No Naughty Bits Jun 2017
Stuart Cocks  Here Comes The Sun  Sep 2023
Stuart Ready Members of The Jury 1940
Sutton Vane Outward Bound May 1946
Sydney Box Solomon’s Folly 1937
Sydney Box Solomon’s Folly 1939
Sydney Box Puppet Play May 1940
Sydney Box Marry Go Round Nov 1943
Sydney Box Puppet Show 1946
Sydney Box Merry-Go-Round 1960
Sydney Box Merry Go Round 1960
T. B. Morris Cats of Egypt 1940
T. B. Morris Mimes and One Act Play – Swan Song 1942
T. B. Morris Before you Roast your Beef 1950
T. B. Morris Cats of Egypt 1953
Ted Willis Woman in a Dressing Gown May 1966
Tennessee Williams Night of The Iguana Feb 2003
Terence Feely Who Killed Santa Claus Nov 1974
Terence Rattigan Separate Tables June 2007
Thornton Wilder Our Town May 1963
Thornton Wilder The Happy Journey 1973
Tim Firth Calendar Girls Nov 2013
Tim Firth Neville’s Island June 2014
Tom Stoppard The Real Inpector Hound May 1978
Tom Stoppard The Real Inspector Hound 1980
Tom Stoppard Arcadia Feb 2011
Tom Stoppard The Real Thing Nov 2012
Ugo Betti The Queen and the Rebels Mar 1964
Una Strugnell The Wish Apr 1930
Unknown Second Visit Nov 1942
Unknown A Present From Saltsea Nov 1942
Unknown Maria Marten The Red Barn Murder Mar 1952
Unknown The Surprise Mar 1955
Unknown Sweeney Todd May 1958
Unknown With Rhyme 1962
Unknown Two Intervals – Staff Room; The Night Before; Ah, Cruel Fate! 1964
Unknown The Way to Norwich 1965
Unknown Irresistible 1965
Unknown Eight comedy sketches (The Investigator, The Park Bench) May 1983
Unknown The Sleeping Cutie 1987
Unknown Hiss The Villain 1989
Unknown Little Red Whittington 1998
Unknown Do it Yourself 1998
Unknown Hancock’s Half Hour 1999
Unknown The Glums 2000
Unknown The Navy Lark 2001
Unknown The Affair of lady Ruth Fairfax 2004
Unknown Albert Laddin 2006
Unknown A Dog’s Life 2007
Unknown The Purging 2010
Unknown The play of Noah and the Flood 1957
Various Authors Mixed Doubles Nov 2008
W Somerset Maugham The Noble Spaniard May 1973
W. D. How Lloyd George knew my father May 1977
W. W. Jacobs The Monkey’s Paw 1997
Walter Hackett Ambrose Applejohn’s Adventure Dec 1946
Ward Rutherford Fingers Feb 1988
Warren Chetham-Strode A Play for Ronnie May 1981
William Shakespeare A Midsummer Nights Dream (excerpt) 1927
William Shakespeare Twelfth Night Apr 1928
William Shakespeare As You Like It Oct 1932
William Shakespeare Twelfth Night Mar 1935
William Shakespeare Midsummer Nights Dream Feb 1941
William Shakespeare The Taming of the Shrew Nov 1973
William Shakespeare All’s Well That Ends Well Nov 1981
William Shakespeare The Taming of the Shrew Nov 2014
William Shakespeare Twelfth Night Mar 2024
Willy Russell One for the Road Feb 2005
Winifred Carter The Queen who kept her Head Nov 1949
Winifred Wall Mute Swan 1947
Winnie Stubbs Jack and the Ogre 1996
Winnie Stubbs Cinderella 1997
Yasmina Reza The God of Carnage Jun 2016