The Fourth Wall

The Fourth Wall by A A Milne  19 – 22 April 1939 at St Francis Theatre, Letchworth

A mystery play,  first staged at the Haymarket Theatre in 1928, Under the name, The Perfect Alibi.

39 fourth outer39 fourth inner

Jimmy Ludgrove : Bernard Youngman

Susan Cunningham : Nora Spinks

Adams : Selwyn Coles

Edward Laverick : Harry Doherty

Edward Carter : Charles Bygrave

Major Fothergill : Ken Spinks

Mrs Fulverton-Fane : Eileen Wagstaff

Jane West : Winifred Fooks

Arthur Ludgrove : John Day

Pc Mallet : Henry Wilkins

“Sergeant” Mallet : Leonard Lewis


Producer : Gwen Spinks

Stage Manager : Dennis Broscomb

Electrician : Robert Footman

Secretary : Mrs M P Plowman

Box Office : Robert Parker