Audition Notice for 25th April One Act Evening  –
Two plays to be directed by Alison Hudson and Lisa Cooper

Auditions dates are Monday 17th February at 8pm and Wednesday 19th February at 8pm at the settlement.

The rehearsal schedule is still being confirmed but will be at the settlement on a combination of Monday, Wednesday (evenings) and Sunday (day or eve – to be confirmed). Likely rehearse twice weekly rather than three times.

The Silent Killer
By Linda Stephenson and Alison Hudson
Directed by Alison Hudson

A young woman has been shot in the back by a bolt form a crossbow.  She is lying face down outside the ranger’s cabin in witches wood.  This surely was no accident.  
The small community that live and work in and around the manor and grounds owned by Lord Hunter-Smyth are shocked at the news.  Not only has someone been murdered, but that killer may still be among them.  Who could it be?
Playing ages are for guidance only.
Bettina Grant – a forest ranger in witches wood – playing age 30 – 40
Sergeant Jonny Flower – the detective sent to investigate the case – playing age 25 – 35
Michael Lancaster – the owner of a local equestrian centre – playing age 30+
Abigail Lancaster – his wife playing age 30+
Mrs Sally Nightingale – secretary to the Lancaster’s and the deceased’s landlady – playing age 50+
Ruth Tubby – head groom, lodges with Mrs Nightingale – Playing age 20 – 35

This is new and original piece written by myself and my writing partner Linda.  We have written several plays and Juke box musicals together, that have subsequently been published and some have been performed by amateur companies and schools both in England and abroad.  Linda has also published a short series of crime novels set during and just after the first world war.

If you would like more information I can be contacted on:
07751400230 or

Beyond the White Noise by Steven A. Shapiro
Directed by Lisa Cooper

A drama with some comic and tender moments thrown in.
Synopsis: Peter is waiting to meet his new therapist, but another patient in the waiting room is insistent on talking to him. The two souls work out their issues.

A link to the script is below:

This is an interesting play with two strong parts and I think it will be a lot of fun to be a part of; I hope to see as many of you as possible at the auditions.
If you’d like to be considered for a role but can’t attend the audition dates please contact me on or 07889366861.


Private Lives by Noel Coward

Playing Dates 12 – 13 June 2020 and 19-20 June 2020

A comic masterpiece from the master playwright Noel Coward. One of his finest and most loved plays, with the licence this time secured. Thank you Pat.

Elyot & Amanda meet again across an adjoining balcony at a hotel in France. Each on the first night of their honeymoon with their new spouse. Together they run off to Paris and renew an affair with its dangerous and comic consequences.

A very fast paced play, with physical and emotional comedy, a classic of any age.


Wednesday 12th February 2020 7:45pm – 10:00pm (Main Hall)

Sunday 16th February 2020 10:30am – 12:30 pm (Green Room)

The Characters, (gender, and playing ages)

Amanda Prynne– Female, 30’s

Victor Prynne (her huband)Male, 30’s

Sibyl Chase – Female,20’s plus

Elyot Chase  (her huband) Male 30’s plus

Louise – Female, all dialogue is in French,

For a pdf of the audition pieces please email  or contact Cliff.

NOTE: This is a small cast and except for Louise are on stage for large parts of the play. To be cast we will need everyone to be available for every rehearsal!

The cast will be announced by Friday 21 February 2020 and rehearsals will start on Monday 16 March 2020 with a readthrough. Acting rehearsals will start the following Monday.

Once cast, the scripts will be distributed. Please start learning lines before the rehearsals start. There are a number of physical scenes, where holding a script will be difficult to impossible.

Rehearsals will be on Monday and Wednesday at 7;45 pm and most but not all Sunday’s, mostly in the morning. A full rehearsal schedule will be issued once the play is cast.

If you would like to audition but cannot make the audition dates then please let Cliff know asap on 07547373326

Many thanks

Cliff Francis & Samantha Powell