1066 and All That

1066 and All That by Seller and Yeatman, book and lyrics by Reginald Arkell and Music by Alfred Reynolds November 1951 at St Francis Theatre, Letchworth, Combined Letchworth Drama Groups

A tongue-in-cheek reworking of the history of England.

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51 1066 extra1


Messieurs – H Adams, Hugh Bidwell, C Bird, Derek Booth, J Brady,

J Cadwallder, J Davey, David Fyfe, D Griggs, W James, H Lyth,

S MacCulloch, Monte Middleton, J Parsons, William Pearce,

Joe Platten, R Prutton, Noel Ripley , V Ryall, Ken Spinks ,

David Thomas, W Thompson, F Walker, J Watts

Mesdames et Mademoiselles – M Adams, B Allcock,

D Allsop, Margaret Bidwell, Molly Booth, A Bunyan, E Chapman,

J Chatfield, E Clitheroe, P Cook, W Day, G Drain, N Drummond,

Ella Edwards, A Holt, D Hunt, Joyce Jones, P Lister,

A Morton, D Norman, J Peters, B Reed, B Spinks, Gwen Spinks,

Winnie Stubbs, T Taylor, P Titmus, G Warnock, M Whalley, J Wilson

Orchestra – Mrs M Grey (leader), Mr H Albone,

Mr A Cross, Mr H Reynolds, Mrs C Hobart,

Mr H R Trench-Smith, Mr C Hobart, Mr L Mitchell,

Mr J W Pepper, Mr P Godwin, Mrs G Parker, Mr J K Hare,

Mr R Holt, Mr R Love, Mr J Blair, Mr C Childs,

Mrs Joan Young, Conductor Mr Arthur J Pickett


Production Director : Ken Spinks

Assistant Producers : Hugh Bidwell, Sandy MacCulogh, Gwen Spinks,
Winnie Stubbs

Musical Director : Arthur J Pickett

Dances arranged by : Margaret Bidwell

Stage Director : Eric Males

Lighting Director : Warwick Taylor

Wardrobe Mistress : Muriel Whalley

Secretary : Ethel Russell

Treasurer : Joseph Foster

Business and Publicity Manager : Jim Cadwallader, Arthur Matson

House Manager : Charles Bygrave

Additional Costumes : Chas H Fox

Additional Lighting : Strand Electric and Engineering Co