From Over the Hills and MIMES

From Over the Hills by Howard Agg, Performed by The Young Players and a production by the MIMES group  1954 at The Little Theatre, Letchworth


Over the Hills

Rosario Papale : Edwin Abbot

Vincenza, His Daughter : Janet Wells

Maria, His Wife : Ann Burgess

Biana Stratzzeri : Judy Miles

Filippo, Rosario’s Son : Richard Cherry

The Widow Fichera : Eleanor Palmer

The Monk : Noel Parkhouse


Molly Booth, Ella Edwards, Peggy Timmis, Jacqueline Virden,

Muriel Woollons, Derek Booth, Russell Gentle, Derek McCall, Richard Payne


Over the Hills

Producer : Ella Edwards


Producer : Molly Booth

Accompanist : Marjorie Manners