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We acknowledge all the hard work that has brought amateur theatre to Letchworth and North Herts since 1923. We are continually adding to the Players’ archives, so if you spot any errors or have any content that you think we should know about, then please get in touch Contact Us.

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The information and images in the archive section and other areas of this website, has come from multiple sources and we would like to acknowledge those who have contributed.

Thank you to the Settlement Players who supplied their recollections of productions and their own archives of programmes, reviews and pictures.

Thank you to Jeremy Evans for providing help in the Players archive where many Players programmes, reviews and pictures are stored. In addition, gathering lists and information from the Settlement’s archive and records held by the Evans family.

Thanks go to Harold J Stull for his history of the Welwyn drama festival held in the Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies (HALS) library in Hertford and at the Welwyn reference library.
The Welwyn drama festival 1929-1987 : a short account compiled by Harold J Stull Ref 792.09425
The Welwyn drama festival 1993-1994 and consolidated index 1929-1994 H J Stull Ref 792.094WGC
A selection of Welwyn Drama Festival Programmes held at the Welwyn reference library Ref 792.094
Thank you to the Hertfordshire Library staff in Hertford and Welwyn for their assistance during the research.

Thank you to the Garden City Collection staff in Letchworth for their website, the tour of the archive and their assistance during the research.
Ref: LBM4101.7.20 is Reproduced by kind permission of
There are many records of interest at the collection, including items in References LBM3001.430-560, and items in References LBM4074/4101/3056.