The Shrewing up of Blanco Posnet

The Shrewing up of Blanco Posnet by G B Shaw   6th January 1940

A crude melodrama set in the American mid west about a man saved from hanging by a prostitute. Shaw claimed that “this little play is really a religious tract in dramatic form”, the plot being less important than the debate about morality and divinity that occurs between the characters. in 1909, the censor demanded changes to the text because the statements made by Blanco Posnet about God were thought to contravene the Blasphemy law.

40 posnet outer

Babey : Glady Leighton

Lottie : Winnie Stubbs

Hannah : Grace Coles

Jessie : Eileen Wagstaff

Emma : Elizabeth Hampden

Elder Daniels : Henry Wilkins

Blanco Posnet : Hugh Bidwell

Strapper Kemp : Jack Talbot

Feemy Evans : Kathleen Fitzpatrick

Sheriff Kemp : Charles Bygrave

Foreman of the Jury : Selwyn Coles

Nestor : Ken Ponder

Waggoner Joe : Peter Elbra

The Woman : Joyce Boonen


Producer : Ken Ponder