Winnie Stubbs

Winnie Stubs Joined the Settlement Players circa 1937 and has credits spanning 60 years and has been involved in 74 productions. Winnie appeared on stage in 35 productions and directed on 21 occasions.

Acting Credits

Unnamed Role in The Insect Play, November 1936
Attendant/Guard in Solomon’s Folly, February 1937
Maid in Lady Precious Stream , 1937
Daisy in Nine Till Six, April 1938
Pimple in She Stoops to Conquer , November 1938
Villager in The Red Velvet Goat, February 1939
Lottie in The Shewing-up of Blanco Posnet, January 1940
Daughter in And Now The Journey, May 1940
Cast in 1066 and all That, December 1945
Courtier/Assessor in St Joan, December 1947
Sister Tornera in The Cradle song, Mar 1948
Cast in 1066 and All That, 1951
Atlanta in The Caliph’s Cure, December 1952
Salome in One Act Plays and Mimes, 1953
Charmion in Cats of Egypt, July 1953
Isobel Wain in Festival, February 1954
Mrs Billiter in Jitta’s Atonement, November 1965
The Peasant Women in The Caucasian Chalk Circle , April 1966
Woman in Black Ey’d Susan & Riders to the Sea, November 1966
Woman in Riders to the Sea , April 1967
Martha Pentridge in Bonaventure, May 1968
Wife in The Knight of the Burning Pestle, November 1968
Carmen Campos in A Hundred Years old, May 1969
Mrs Marten in The Red Barn Mystery, November 1970
Lady Proudfoot in The Noble Spaniard , May 1973
Peasant in Mother Courage and her Children, November 1975
Mistress Pierce in And so to bed , February 1975
Lady Jedburgh in Lady Windermere’s Fan, November 1978
A nun, serving the King in All’s Well That Ends Well, November 1981
Monica Bare in Murder Mistaken, February 1979
Florence Boothroyd in Billy Liar, May 1982
Ensemble and choir in Anna of the five towns, June 1986
Audrey in Ten Times Table, November 1989
Keeners in The Shaughraun, November 1992
Dame Claude in The Miser, November 1994

Technical Credits


Festival, February 1954
Flower of Youth, Festivals April 1954
The Gioconda Smile, February 1967
The Chalk Garden, February 1969
A Letter from the General, January 1970
The Two Mrs Carrolls, May 1971
Hobson’s Choice , February 1972
Hobson’s Choice (act 1), June 1972
The White Falcon, November 1972
Daughter of the Left Hand, May 1975
Pygmalion, February 1976
Arms and the Man, November 1976
The Day after the Fair, May 1980
The Ghost Train, February 1982
Love from a Stranger, February 1984
Ladies in Retirement, May 1985
The Waltz of the Toreadors, November 1985
The Cavern, April 1988
Pink String and Sealing Wax, November 1991
Jack and the Ogre, January 1996
Cinderella, January 1997

Assistant Director

1066 and All That, 1951
Ebenezer’s Magnetic Dream Town, October 1983


Jack and the Ogre, January 1996
Cinderella, January 1997


Hay Fever, May 1976
Lloyd George knew my father, May 1977
A Play for Ronnie, May 1981
A Tomb with a view, November 1982
Hedda Gabler, February 1985
Midsummer Mink, February 1986
Night must fall, November 1986
When we are married, February 1989
Mary Thorne, May 1989
Hidden Meanings, February 1992
Squat Betty, February 1992


Halfway up the tree, November 1987


The Beaux Strategem, November 1979
Alphabetical Order, February 1981
The Lunch Hour, Festivals April 1982
With all my love I hate you, June 1990
Shop for charity, June 1990