The Red Velvet Goat

The Red Velvet Goat by Josephina Niggli

Performed 03rd February 1939 at the 2nd Letchworth Drama Festival, 01-04 February, St Francis Theatre, Letchworth


Garden City Collection contains a newspaper review (REF: LBM3001.8) for this production


Esteban, Who Longs to Own a Goat: Charles Bygrave

Mariana, His Wife: Gwen Spinks

Lorenzo, His Son: Paddy Wright

Lola and Carmen, Village Girls: Meg Ellis and Beryl Bayley

Ester, A Village Girl with Whom Lorenzo is in Love: Nora Spinks

Ramon, A Peddler of Women’s Clothes: Leonard Lewis

Don Pepe, Mayor of the Village: Henry Wilkins

Dona Berta, Grand Lady of the Village: Mrs Child-Warren

Villagers: Selwyn Coles, Barbara Dawson, Winnie Stubbs, Beryl Wagstaff, Harold Lake, Leslie Robinson, Roy Manners, Harry Doherty, Evan Fletcher, Ken Spinks


Director : Ken Spinks


Letchworth Drama Festival 1939: Third Place and The Hertfordshire Cup