Solomon’s Folly

Solomon’s Folly by Sydney Box

Performed 6 February 1937 at St Francis Theatre, Letchworth at the One Act Play Festival with Letchworth Groups.

A glimpse into the privtate life of Solomon, showing his real relations with the Queen of Sheba and interpersed with a running commentary from th Rev. Herbert Lovelace, who intrudes from the world of today.


Solomon (King of Israel) : Charles Bygrave

Makeda (Queen of Sheba) : Diana Robinson

Benaiah (Solomon’s Prime Minister : Selwyn Coles

Sofar (A Scribe) : Harry Doherty

Amina (Solomon’s Favourite Wife) : Kathleen Fitzpatrick

Naomi (Other Wife of Solomon) : Mrs Pooley

Tamar (Other Wife of Solomon) : Grace Coles

Rev Herbert Lovelace (Clerk in Holy Orders) : Cecil Plowman

Attendants and Guards : J Day, Leonard Lewis, Norman Brooks, Ken Spinks , Winnie Stubbs, Miss Townsend


Stage Managers : N Brooks. Tom Harding, G Baldwin

Electrician : Robert Footman