Lady Precious Stream

Lady Precious Stream by S.I.Hsiung

26 – 29 May 1937, at St Francis Theatre, Letchworth

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[wptabtitle] Cast[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

His Excellency, Wang Yun, The Prime Minister : Ken Ponder

Madam Wang, of The Chen Family, His Wife : Gwen Spinks

Su, The Dragon General, The Eldest Son in Law : Charles Bygrave

Wei, The Tiger General, The Youngest Son in Law : Leonard Lewis

Golden Stream : Molly Booth

Silver Stream : Marjorie Pye

Precious Stream : Miss E M Ponder

Her Maid : Murial Benns

Hsieh Ping-Kuei, The Gardner : Bernard Youngman

Suitors : Grace Coles, P Wright, Selwyn Coles, J C Day

Driver : Arthur Wright

Her Highness, The Princess of the Western Regions : Winifred Fooks

Ma Ta, Her A.D.C : J C Day

Kiang Hai, Her A.D.C : Selwyn Coles

Mu : Hugh Bidwell

Executioner : James Dainton

His Excellency, The Minister for Foreign Affairs : Ken Spinks

Property Men : Norman Brooks, Tom Harding

Attendants : James Dainton, F Richardson, L C Hawkins

Maids : Winnie Stubbs, Miss M Townsend, Miss G Wallis, Grace Coles

Honourable Reader : Roy Manners


[wptabtitle] Crew[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

Director : Ken Spinks

Orchestra Direction : Edwin Swannell

Costumes : D and J Benjamin, London

Stage Manager : Norman Brooks

Lighting : Robert Footman

Box Office : Robert Parker

Hon. Secretary : Leonard Lewis

Assistant Hon. Secretary : Mrs M P Plowman

Hon. Mistress of the Wardrobe : Miss S Dewe