She Stoops to Conquer

She Stoops to Conquer (or The Mistakes of a Night) by Oliver Goldsmith

23-26 November 1938  Performed at St Francis Theatre, Letchworth

18th century play using satire to explore divisions between city and countryside, men and women, and rich and poor

38 conquer outer

38 conquer inner
38 conquer extra
38 conquer extraA
38 conquer extraB


Miss Neville: Beryl Bayley

Hastings: Harry Doherty

Hardcastle: Oscar Backhouse

Mrs Hardcastle: Gwen Spinks

Tony Lumpkin: Leonard Lewis

Miss Hardcastle: Barbara Dawson

Young Marlow: Bernard Youngman

Sue Bouncer: Marjorie Manners

Tickle: Grace Coles

Diggory: Norman Brooks

Dick Muggins/Roger: Roy Manners

Tom Twist: Paddy Wright

Stingo: Selwyn Coles

Jack Slang: Arthur Bailey

Aminadab/Jeremy: Leslie Robinson

Pimple: Winnie Stubbs

Sir Charles Marlow: Ken Spinks


Director: Ken Spinks

Orchestra Director: Miss E Luen

Stage Manager: Dennis Broscombe

ASM: Selwyn Coles

Electrician: Robert Footman

Mistress of the Robes: Grace Coles

Box Office: Robert Parker

Joint Secretaries: Mrs M P and C F Plowman