Nora Spinks

Nora Spinks joined the Settlement Players circa 1929 with credits spanning nearly 20 years, appearing on stage on 14 occasions.

Acting Credits

Raina in Arms and the Man, November 1929
Phebe in As You Like It, October 1932
Villager in The Devil’s Disciple, February 1933
Alice Greenleaf in Bird in Hand, April 1933
Mrs Higgins in Pygmalion, November 1933
Petronell Sweetland in The Farmers Wife, April 1934
Cicely in The Young Idea, November/December 1934
Sister Mary Teresa in The Man Who Wouldn’t go to Heaven, February 1938
Mrs Pembroke in Nine Till Six, April 1938
Susan Cunningham in The Fourth Wall, April 1939
Ester in The Red Velvet Goat, February 1939
Janet in Call to Kenilworth; Celestial Meeting; The Sword is Double Edged, February 1940
Mrs Cliveden Banks in Outward Bound, May 1946
Ballet Mistress in Mute Swan, June 1947