The Man Who Wouldn’t go to Heaven

The Man Who Wouldn’t go to Heaven by Sladen Smith

Performed 02nd February 1938 at the 1st Letchworth Drama Festival, 02-05 February, St Francis Theatre, Letchworth contains a newspaper review (REF: LBM3001.2) for this production


Tharial, The Angel of the Gate: J Covington

Margaret, A Young Girl: Diana Robinson

Richard Alton: Charles Bygrave

Bobbie Nightingale: E Fletcher

Eliza Muggins: Gwen Spinks

Sister Mary Teresa: Nora Spinks

Mrs Cuthbert Bagshawe: Grace Coles

Harriet Rebecca Strenham: Winnifred Fooks

Rev John McNaulty: John Day

Timothy Toto Newbiggin: Henry Wilkins

Derrick Bradley: Leonard Lewis

A Number of Angels: Unnamed


Director : Ken Spinks