Bird in Hand

Bird in Hand by John Drinkwater   19th – 22th April 1933

Performed at The Repertory Theatre, Letchworth

Comedy. Joan, the daughter of old Thomas Greenleaf, proprietor of the Bird in Hand Inn, and Gerald Arnwood, the squire’s son, fall in love, to Greenleaf’s consternation.

33 hand outer
33 hand inner


Joan Greenleaf : Winifred Swan

Alice Greenleaf : Nora Spinks

Thomas Greenleaf : Hector MacGregor

Gerald Arnwood : Rudolph Malthouse

Mr Blanquet : Thomas Wilson

Cyril Beverley : Harry Doherty

Ambrose Godolphin : Charles Bygrave

Sir Robert Arnwood : Edwin Eden


Producer : Hector MacGregor

Stage Manager : Henry Wilkins

ASM : Les Spinks

Box Office : Robert Parker

Musical Programme arranged by : Mr John Clapham, L.R.A.M

Leader : Mr John Hall