The Young Idea

The Young Idea by Noel Coward

28 – 30 November and 1 December 1934 at the Repertory Theatre Letchworth
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34 young idea extraA

Huddle : Ken Spinks

Roddy Masters : Davis Thomas

Cicely Brent : Nora Spinks

George Brent : Kevin Doherty

Gerda, George’s Children : Marjorie Pye

Sholto, George’s Children : Harry Doherty

Sibyl Blaith : Molly Booth

Priscilla Hartleberry : Dora Payne

Claude Eccles : Derek Booth

Julia Cringeworthy : Christobel Thompson

Eustance Dabbit : Charles Bygrave

Maria : Gwen Spinks

Jennifer, Georges First Wife : Dorothie Brotchie

Hiram J Walkin : Henry Wilkins


Producer : Ken Spinks

Stage Manager : Norman Brooks

ASM : Jack Hale

Business Manager : G K Rogers

Box Office : Robert Parker

Programme of Music Arranged by : Edwin Swannell