The Farmer’s Wife

The Farmer’s Wife by Eden Phillpotts
11th-14th April 1934 at the Repertory Theatre Letchworth

Romantic comedy. After his wife dies, a farmer goes through an elaborate attempt to persuade one of his various female neighbours to marry him without realising that the ideal woman is already working as his housekeeper.

34 farmers outer34 farmers inner

Churdles Ash : Ken Spinks

Araminta Dench : Gwen Spinks

Thirza Tapper : Dorothie Brotchie

Samuel Sweetland : David Thomas

Sibley Sweetland : Diana Robinson

George Smerdon : Derek Booth

Petronell Sweetland : Nora Spinks

Richard Coaker : Harry Doherty

Louisa Windeatt : Mollie Watson

Susan Maine : Marjorie Pye

Sarah Smerdon : Christobel Thompson

Sophie Smerdon : Cicely Webb

Teddie Smerdon : David MacMichael

Valiant Dunnybrig : Charles Bygrave

Mrs Rundle : Frances Gregory

Dr Rundle : Leslie Tanner

Henry Coaker : Colin Kirby

Mr Gregson : Frederick Dainton

Mary Hearn : Margaret Mackintosh

Rev Septimus Tudor : H John Marden

Hon Mrs Tudor : Joan Gambrill

Nurse : Kathleen Rackham

Glee Singers : Frederick Dainton, Jack Hannah, Les Spinks, A N Other


Producer : Ken Spinks

Stage Manager : Oswald Hefferon

Lighting : Robert Footman

Mistress of the Robes : Miss Dewe

Box Office : Robert Parker

Programme of Music Arranged by : Edwin Swannell

Secretary : Mrs L Spinks