Diana Watson

Diana Watson joined the Settlement Players in 1961. Credits spanning 11 years and appearing on stage in 16 poductions.

Various in With Rhyme, December 1961
Miss Grant in Festival of One Act Plays, February 1962
Thalestris in The Rape of the Belt, June 1962
Various in Without Rhyme or Reason, December 1962
Ensmble in Our Town, May 1963
Mrs Northrop in When we are married, November 1963
Mary Shaw in Blunder; The Way to Norwich; Irresistible, December 1965
Woman in Pawnbrokers in Woman in a Dressing Gown, May 1966
Woman in Black Ey’d Susan, November 1966
Women in Riders to the Sea, November 1966
Nurse Braddock in The Gioconda Smile, February 1967
Woman in Riders to the Sea, March 1967
Nurse in The Chalk Garden, February 1969
Mrs John Bull in A Dream of John Bull, November 1969
Sister Lucy in A Letter from the General, January 1970
Mistress Saville in The White Falcon, November 1972