Riders to the Sea

Riders to the Sea by J. M. Synge
Performed 16th March 1967 at the Letchworth Little Theatre 6th Drama Festival 16-18 March 1967

Set in the Aran Islands, Inishmaan, like all of Synge’s plays it is noted for capturing the poetic dialogue of rural Ireland. The plot is based on the hopeless struggle of a people against the impersonal but relentless cruelty of the sea.

Garden City Collection contains three newspaper reviews (REF: LBM3001.28-30) for this production


Catherine : Joyce Elson

Nora : Margaret Dutton

Maurya : Valerie Coles

Bartley : John Elson

Women : Diana Watson, Margaret Alston, Winnie Stubbs

Men : Barry Vincent, Harry Kemp


Director: Noel Ripley


Letchworth Drama Festival 1967: Third Place