The Rape of the Belt

The Rape of the Belt by Benn W. Levy     31st May – 2nd June 1962

For his ninth labour, Heracles is required to wrest from the queen of the Amazons her belt. Zeus and Hera comment wittily on the events.

62 rape belt iner

62 rape belt outter


Hera : Joyce Jones

Zeus : John Elson

Hippobomene : Janet Tate

Theseus : Barry Whitehead

Heracles : David Fyfe

Antiope : Maureen Butler

Diasta : Irene Knowles

Anthea : Barbara Bailey

Hippolyte : Patricia Smedley

Thalestris : Diana Watson


Producer : Joan Dixon

Stage Manager : Percy Simmonds

Electrician : Michael Beattie

Sound effects : Douglas Tate

Décor : John Morris

Wardrobe : Gladys Neil and Les Dixon