The White Falcon

The White Falcon by Neilson Gattey and Jordan Lawrence
9th-11th November 1972

Drama about Anne Boleyn and her marriage to Henry VIII.

72 falcon outer

72 falcon inner

72 falcon review


Anne Boleyn : Frances Kinsella

Mary Boleyn : Frances Langley

Sir Thomas Wyatt : Chris Robson

Catherine of Aragon : Margaret Dutton

Gentlewoman : Helen Weerasinghe

Cardinal Wolsey : John Elson

Henry VIII : Tony Sharp

Mark Smeaton : John Seeley

First Page : Alastair Dutton

Thomas Cromwell : Jim Harvey

Thomas Cranmer : Bill Moxon

Second Page : Julia Stokes

Mistress Saville : Diana Watson

Master Salmon : John Cruse

Court Lady : Margaret Gibbs

Jane Seymour : Rose Saunders


Producer : Winnie Stubbs

Lighting : Russell Strong

Sound Effects : Anthony Coles

Prompt : Betty Harvey

Properties : Frances Cave

Stage Design : Jim Harvey and Noel Ripley

Costumes : Settlement Players and S.P.A.D.S.