With Rhyme

The Settlement Players Drama Class Present

With Rhyme- End of Year Review

December 1962

62 with rhyme

67 with rhyme exta 1


With Rhyme

Policeman : Noel Ripley

The Judge : Joe Platten

The Counsel for the Prosecution : Robert Southgate

The Men are Splendid

The Colonel : Harry Kemp

The Lady : Patricia Smedley

The Lieutenant : Kenneth Grahame Plinston

The Soldier : Robert Truscott


First Boy : Michael Southgate

Second Boy : Nik Szeremeta

First Girl : Jacqueline Cresswell

Second Girl : Gillian Dixon

Waitress : Gillian Coker

Policeman : Giles N Turner

The Engagement

The Maid : Avril Smith

The Girl : Sheelah Killourhy

A Friend : Diana Stead

Bloggo Soap

The Film Director : Kenneth Grahame Plinston

The TV Producer : Diana Watson

The Advertising Executive : Patricia Smedley

The Script Writer : Jan Blair

Assistant Director : Avril Smith

The Commentator : Robert Truscott

The Birthday Party

Mother : Betty Bryant

The Neighbour : Sheelah Killourhy

The Neighbours Husband : Harry Kemp

The Spinster : Gillian Coker

The Daughters : Avril Smith, Christine Bryant

The Uncertainty

The Daughter : Jacqueline Cresswell

The Father : Giles N Turner

The Mother : Patricia Smedley

The Twist

First Boy : Nik Szeremeta

First Girl : Gillian Dixon

Second Boy : Kenneth Grahame Plinston

Second Girl : Pam Thompson

Third Girl : Jan Blair

Crowd : Christine Bryant, Diana Stead, Avril Smith, Michael Southgate

The Search For Truth

The Thin Housewife : Helen Cherasse

The Stout Housewife : Diana Watson

The Investigator : Sheelah Killourhy

Grand Finale

Poems read by : Joyce Jones , John Elson


Producer : Noel Ripley , Joan Dixon

Stage Manager : Percy Simmonds

Lighting : David Fyfe

Recordings : Douglas Tate

Sound : Michael Beattie