Blunder; The Way to Norwich; Irresistible

Blunder by Conrad Carter, The Way to Norwich by Dorothy Carr and Irresistible by John Turpin  04th December 1965

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Agnes Farrell : Frances Cave

Lydia Farrell, His Stepsister : Edith Chapman

John Shaw, A Neighbour : Harry Kemp

Mary Shaw, His Wife : Diana Watson

The Way To Norwich

Dad : James Innes

Mum : Ann Bartrum

Mr Grey : Hugh Bidwell

Janet : Diana Stead

Johnny : Geoffrey Downing

Gran : Sally Parker

Fred : Russell Strong


Mavis Hartley : Margaret Alston

Albert Lovemore : Russell Strong

Dr Henry Rutterby, Psychiatrist : John Elson

Dr Coral Davis, His Assisstant : Margaret Dutton

Alice Williams, Receptionist : Diana Stead