Without Rhyme or Reason

Without Rhyme or Reason  16th December 1962

The End of Term Performance of The Players Acting Class – A collection of sketches and plays by various Authors (Pinter, Simpson, Lucian)

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Last To Go by Harold Pinter

The Coffee Stall Attendant : Donald King
The Newspaper Seller : Joe Platten

The Black and White by Harold Pinter

First Woman : Elizabeth Bryant
Second Woman : Helen Cherasse

Its My Feet, Doctor by H F Simpson

The Doctor : Diana Watson
The Patient : Joe Platten

A Beauty Contest by Lucian

Zeus : Ken Spinks
Hermes : Malcolm Page
Athene : Patricia Shepherd
Hera : Angela Tomlinson
Aphrodite : Irene Knowles
Paris : John Elson
A Technician :Joan Dixon

A Resounding Tinkle by N F Simpson

Mrs Parodock : Maureen Butler
Mr Parodock : Harry Kemp
Nora : Brenda Land
First Cleaner : Patricia Sheperd
Second Cleaner : Joyce Jones
Hamster : James Innes
Bug : Naomi Hardman
Don : Sheelah Killourtry
Pepper : Malcolm Page
Miss Salt : Patricia Smedley
Mustard : John Elson
Mrs Vinegar : Diana Watson
The Chairman : Ken Spinks
The Man in the Bowler Hat : John Cruse
Spokesman for the Author : Noel Ripley


Producer and Compere : Noel Ripley

Prompt : Christine Bryant, Jill Dixon

Lighting : David Fyfe

Stage Manager : Percy Simmonds