David Fyfe

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David Fyfe Joined the Settlement Players in circa 1951 and has credits spanning 55 years. David was involved, mostly behind the scenes, in 108 productions with the players.

Acting Credits

Cast in 1066 and All That, 1951
Policeman/Offcial in The Caliph’s Cure, December 1952
Lieutenant in One Act Plays and Mimes, 1953
Villager in The Ring Game, Festival May 1956
Edward Tappercoom, a Justice in The Lady’s not for burning, November 1956
Shem in The play of Noah and the Flood, Festival March 1957
Ferrovious in Androcles and the Lion, May 1957
The Cardinal in Festival of Plays, January/February 1958
The Cardinal in The Poison Party, Festival April 1958
Sergeant in The Devil’s Disciple, May 1959
Stage Manager in The Senora; Merry-Go-Round; This is Impossible, January 1960
Heracles in The Rape of the Belt, June 1962

Technical Credits

Stage Manager

Indians, November 1971
The Ghost Train, February 1982
Love from a Stranger, February 1984
Candida (act 2), Festival April 1984
Candida, May 1984
Bedroom Farce, November 1984
Ladies in Retirement, May 1985
The Waltz of the Toreadors, November 1985
Midsummer Mink, February 1986
The Haunted Through Lounge and recessed dining nook at Farndale Castle, May 1991
Squat Betty, February 1992
Hidden Meanings, February 1992
A woman of no importance, November 1993

Assistant Stage Manager
Robert’s Wife, November 1957
Festival of Plays, February 1959

Stage Crew
Ebenezer’s Magnetic Dream Town, October 1983
The Killing of Sister George, June 1987
Halfway up the tree, November 1987

The Ghost Train, February 1982

With Rhyme, December 1962
Without Rhyme or Reason, December 1962
Our Town, May 1963
1903 and So What, September 1963
Two Intervals – Staff Room; The Night Before; Ah, Cruel Fate!, December 1963
Semi-detached, May 1964
Romanoff and Juliet, November 1964
I have been here before, Mar 1965
Present Laughter, May 1965
Jitta’s Atonement, November 1965
The Sins of the Fathers, November 1967
Hobson’s Choice , February 1972
The Beaux Strategem, November 1979
Squat Betty, February 1992
Hidden Meanings, February 1992

Sweeney Todd, May 1958
The Crucible, November 1958
Dark of the Moon, November 1959
The Senora; Merry-Go-Round; This is Impossible, January 1960
Towards Zero, March 1960
Three One Act Plays, October 1960
She stoops to conquer, November 1960
The Heiress, March 1961
A View from the Bridge, November 1961
Festival of One Act Plays, February 1962
She passed through Lorraine, November 1962
Half Dead, March 1963
When we are married, November 1963
The Queen and the Rebels, March 1964
Waters of the Moon, February 1966

Set Construction

The Ghost Train, February 1982
Candida, May 1984
Halfway up the tree, November 1987
Blithe Spirit, November 1988
When we are married, February 1989
Mary Thorne, May 1989
Ten Times Table, November 1989
Shop for charity, June 1990
With all my love I hate you, June 1990
Cuckoo, November 1990
Home at Seven, February 1991
Pink String and Sealing Wax, November 1991
Hidden Meanings, February 1992
Squat Betty, February 1992
Living together, June 1992
The Shaughraun, November 1992
Brush with a body, February 1993
Black Comedy, May 1993
Box & Cox, May 1993
A woman of no importance, November 1993
The Small hours, February 1994
Plaza Suite, May 1994
The Miser, November 1994
Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime, February 1995
Talking Heads & Tails – A Women of Letters; Black and Silver; Cast Off Five, May 1995
Dancing at Lughnasa, November 1995
Rose, February 1996
Natural Causes, May 1996
Season’s Greetings, November 1996
Three Sisters, February 1997
Last of the Red Hot Lovers, May 1997
The Importance of Being Earnest, November 1997
The Edge of Darkness, February 1998
A Sting in the Tale, May 1998
Table Manners, November 1998
Don’t dress for dinner, May 1999
She Stoops to Conquer, November 1999
Nightmare: The Fright of Your Life, February 2000
Key for Two, May 2000
Round and Round the Garden, November 2000
Present Laughter, February 2001
Haywire, May 2001
Thriller of the Year, February 2002
I Thought I Heard a Rustling, June 2002
My Three Angels, November 2002
Night of The Iguana, February 2003
Building Blocks, June 2003
Arsenic and Old Lace, November 2003
Tartuffe, February 2004
Theft, June 2004
Rumours, November 2004
One for the Road, February 2005
Barefoot in the Park, June 2005
Inspector Drake: The Perfekt Crime, June 2006

Honoury President
What the Butler Saw, June 2010
Beyond Reasonable Doubt, November 2010
Arcadia, February 2011
Prescription for murder, June 2011