1903 – And So What?

1903 And So What, The New Letchworth Revue by Hugh Bidwell and Donald Griggs with additional scenes by Noel Ripley
18-19 September 1963, The Little Theatre

A Joint Production between S.P.A.D.S and the Settlement Players

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63 1903 what inner

Garden City Collection contains two newspaper reviews (Ref: LBM4101.11.80 and LBM4101.11.94) for this production.


Prologue : Spoken by John Elson

Early Days –

Compere : Albert Claydon
Ebenezer Howard : Joe Platten
Bathing Beauties : Patricia Smedley, Gill Dixon, Jacqueline Cresswell, Margaret Bidwell, Angela Tomlinson, Eileen Johnson

The Working Song –

Michael Everitt, Fred Morton, Derek Lev, Harold Lyth, Eric Warriner

Charles Ball : Bert Stedman

The Cottage Exhibition –

John : John Elson
Edith : Elizabeth Fletcher
Bert : Harry Kemp
Daisy : Biddy Reed

The Arbor Day Song –

Elaine Tickle, Elizabeth Fenn, Agnes Lyons, Margaret Bidwell, Elsie Kedge, Edith Chapman

May Day –

The Cast

The Drinking Song at the Skittles Inn –

Bert Stedman, John Elson, Fred Morton, Michael Everitt, Joe Platten

Letchworth’s First Shop Keeper –

Donald Griggs

The Road from Hitchin –

First Hitchin Worthy : Michael Everitt
Second Hitchin Worthy : James Innes
Fred : Fred Morton
Patrol Leader : Bert Stedman
Patrol Deputy : John Elson
Victim : Joe Platten

Song of the Fine Old English Gentlemen –

Donald Griggs, Harold Lyth

The Railway Station –

Commuters : John Elson, Bert Stedman, Fred Morton, Eric Warriner

Station Master : Joe Platten

Boy : Graham Lyth

Nurse : Elaine Tickle

The Song of the Firm Foundations –

Gill Dixon, Jacqueline Cresswell, Angela Tomlinson, Eilen Johnson, Patricia Smedley, The Spirella Girls

Bert and Daisy’s Cottage in War Time (1941) –

I’m Dreaming –

The Soldier : Fred Morton
The Evacuee : Elizabeth Fenn

I’m All Right, Jack –

1st Jack : Derek Lev
2nd Jack : Michael Everitt
3rd Jack : Eric Warriner
4th Jack : Fred Morton

A Road in Letchworth, Bert and Daisy

Song of Expansion:

Donald Griggs, Harold Lyth

Letchworth 1963

Mr Smith : Derek Lev
Mr Brown : Michael Everitt
Mrs Brown : Margaret Bidwell
Mrs Smith : Eilen Johnson
The Man : James Innes

The War of the Roses –

Speakers : John Elson, Joyce Jones
Citizeness : Patricia Smedley
Soldiers : Bert Stedman, Joe Platten, Fred Morton
Horatius : Harold Lyth
Bert and Daisy’s Children : Diana Bidwell, David Bidwell, Sara Griggs, Malcolm Griggs

The Finale : The Cast


Director : Noel Ripley

Producers : Harold Lyth, Joan Dixon, Michael Everitt

Prompt : Joan Dixon

Costumes : Elaine Tickle

Stage Manager : Percy Simmonds

Lighting : David Fyfe

Music arranged by : Janet Tate

Tape Recording and Sound Effects : Douglas Tate