Festival of Plays

Festival of Plays
Deborah Comes Home by Guida Swan
The Take Over by James Innes
The Poison Party by F Sladen Smith
31st January and 01st February 1958


Deborah Comes Home

Nicola Fielding : Jennifer Beatty

David McMichael : John Elson

Mrs Fielding : Ida Price

Mr Fielding : John Waller

John Fielding : Alan Lupton

Lucy Kirkham : Mary Newstone

Edward Fielding : William Pearce

The Take Over

Mavis Teddler, Private Secretary : Christa Topham

Jane Heddle, Managing Director : Muriel Woollons

Cora Angell, Daughter : Peggy Branch

Armitage, Works Manager : Eric Oldham

Percy Innocent, Financier : William Pearce

The Poison Party

The Queen Mother : Elaine Tickle

A Page : Joan Dixon

The Cardinal : David Fyfe

The King : Don Porter

Denise De Beaujolis : Beryl Porter

M. De Beaujolis : Joe Platten


Director : Unknown