Festival of Plays

Festival of Plays

Till the Cows Come Home by James Innes
Destination Venus by Maurice Coles
A Woman of No Importance (An Except) by Oscar Wilde
For Love or Money by Guida Swan
6th – 7th February 1959 at The Little Theatre, Letchworth

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Till the Cows Come Home

Penny Gallant : Judy Carmichael

Captain Gallant : Charles Bygrave

The Vicar : John Cruse

Mrs Gallant : Agnes Lyons

Inspector of Police : Roy Coles

Bloggs : Hugh Bidwell

Destination Venus

The Priestess : Patricia Smedley

The Girl : Peggy Branch

The Soldier : David Stokes

A Beggar : Kenneth Wilson

A Woman of No Importance

Mrs Arbuthnot : Joan Dixon

Gerald, Her Son : Alan Whiteman

Lord Illingworth : Tony Clayton

Hester Worsley : Joyce Jones

For Love or Money

Anthony Jones, A student : Allan Lupton

Jennifer Lambe : Jennifer Beatty

Geraldine King, M.A, R.A : Elaine Tickle

Sir Andrew Saltz : George Andrews

Susan Saltz, His Daughter : Jill Dawson


Till the Cows Come Home

Producer : James Innes

Destination Venus

Producer : Jacqueline Smedley

A Woman of No Importance

Producer : William Pearce

For Love or Money

Producer : Ella Edwards

Stage Manager : Percy Simmonds

Assistant Stage Manager : David Fyfe, H G Vickery