Joyce Elson

Joyce Elson joined the Settlement Players circa 1949 and has credits spanning 60 years. Joyce appeared on stage in 109 productions and supported another 45 productions back stage.

Acting Credits

Princess Elizabeth in The Queen who kept her Head, November 1949
Nurse Brent in Bonaventure, March 1950
Serafina in Before you Roast your Beef, May 1950
Cast in 1066 and All That, 1951
Maria Marten in Maria Marten The Red Barn Murder, March 1952
Lamour/A Scullion in The Caliph’s Cure, December 1952
Mimes/Duchess in One Act Plays and Mimes, 1953
Iras in Cats of Egypt, July 1953
Yelena Ivanova Popov in Festival, February 1954
Eliza in The Admirable Crichton, November 1954
Doto in One Act Play Festival, December 1954
Chorus in The Spartan Girl, May 1955
Henrietta in The Barretts of Wimpole Street, October 1955
Dol Common in The Alchemist, June 1956
Jennet Jourdemayne in The Lady’s not for burning, November 1956
Ham’s wife in The play of Noah and the Flood, March 1957
June Hanvey in Robert’s Wife, November 1957
Mrs Lovett in Sweeney Todd, May 1958
Elizabeth Proctor in The Crucible, November 1958
Hester Worsley in Festival of Plays, February 1959
Sister Joanna of the Cross in Cradle Song (Excerpt), June 1959
Miss Metcalfe in Dark of the Moon, November 1959
Joan Smith in Festival of Plays, May 1960
Barmaid in She stoops to conquer, November 1960
Catherine in The Heiress, March 1961
Mrs Lipari in A View from the Bridge, November 1961
Caroline Stevens in Festival of One Act Plays, February 1962
Hera in The Rape of the Belt, June 1962
Marion in The Pie and the Tart, June 1962
Blanche in She passed through Lorraine, November 1962
Poem reader in With Rhyme, December 1962
Second Cleaner in Without Rhyme or Reason, December 1962
Edith Lunn in Half Dead, March 1963
Mrs Gibbs in Our Town, May 1963
Various Roles in 1903 and So What, September 1963
Annie Parker in When we are married, November 1963
Elisabetta, the Queen in The Queen and the Rebels, March 1964
Caroline Stevens in Mr Sampson, April 1964
Beulah Moulsworth in Romanoff and Juliet, November 1964
Agnes Haldenstadt in Jitta’s Atonement, November 1965
Evelyn Daly in Waters of the Moon, February 1966
The Peasant Women in The Caucasian Chalk Circle , April 1966
Catherine in Riders to the Sea, March 1967
Lady Windermere in Lord Arthur Savile’s crime, May 1967
Lady Windermere in Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime (act 2), June 1967
Miss Juliana Bordereau in The Aspern Papers, February 1968
Sister Mary Bonaventure in Bonaventure, May 1968
Miss Madrigal in The Chalk Garden, February 1969
Janet Nerill in The Generation Factor, March 1969
Mrs Robert Bull/Matchgirl in A Dream of John Bull, November 1969
Reverend Mother in A Letter from the General, January 1970
Wife of the Little Peasant in The Little Peasant, March 1970
Maria Marten in The Red Barn Mystery, November 1970
Mrs Almenside in The Conquest of Everest, April 1971
Mrs Latham in The Two Mrs Carrolls, May 1971
First Lady/Indian in Indians, November 1971
Alice Hobson in Hobson’s Choice , February 1972
Sandra in Barnstable, March 1972
Emilie Dulay in My Three Angels, May 1972
Alice Hobson in Hobson’s Choice (act 1), June 1972
Miss Furnival in Black Comedy, February 1973
Tailoress, Servant in The Taming of the Shrew , November 1973
Miss Elizabeth Hatfield in Breath of Spring , February 1974
Julia in And so to bed , February 1975
Vashti Kemp-Collet in Daughter of the Left Hand , May 1975
Peasant in Mother Courage and her Children, November 1975
Mrs Eynsford-Hill in Pygmalion, February 1976
Elizabeth in Gas Light, March 1977
Old Woman in Mixed Doubles, April 1977
Mrs Shin in The Parable of the Good Woman of Setzuan, November 1977
Mrs Drudge in the The Real Inpector Hound, May 1978
Mrs Cowper-Cowper in Lady Windermere’s Fan, November 1978
Emmie in Murder Mistaken, February 1979
Lady Bountiful in The Beaux Strategem, November 1979
Mrs Drudge in The Real Inspector Hound, April 1980
Mrs Frush in Thark, November 1980
The Manageress in The Lunch Hour, April 1982
Dora Tomb in A Tomb with a view, November 1982
Doto in A Phoenix Too Frequent, April 1983
A Woman Cleaner in After Eight-The Waiting Room; Countdown; Sunday Costs Five Pesos, November 1983
Miss Juliana Tesman in Hedda Gabler, February 1985
Councillor Mrs Pearce in Gosforth’s Fete, April 1985
Madame Dupont Fredaine in The Waltz of the Toreadors, November 1985
Miss Elizabeth Hatfield in Midsummer Mink, February 1986
Psychiatric Social Worker in The Journey, April 1986
Miss Dickinson in Anna of the five towns, June 1986
Thelma in The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomens Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery, February 1987
Villager in The Cavern, April 1988
Aunt in Stevie, May 1988
Madame Arcati in Blithe Spirit, November 1988
Annie Parker in When we are married, February 1989
Aunt in Stevie (act 2), April 1989
Lady in Mary Thorne, May 1989
Unnamed role in The Anastasia File, February 1990
Mrs Pike in Shop for charity, June 1990
First neighbour in Blood Wedding (Act 3), April 1991
Thelma in The Haunted Through Lounge and recessed dining nook at Farndale Castle, May 1991
Mrs Hudson and Edna in Hidden Meanings, February 1992
Mrs Hudson and Edna in Hidden Meanings, Festivals April 1992
Mrs O’Kelly in The Shaughraun, November 1992
Mrs D’arcy in Brush with a body, February 1993
Miss Furnival in Black Comedy, May 1993
Norma Hubley in Plaza Suite, May 1994
Lady Clementina Beauchamp in Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime, February 1995
Mother in Rose, February 1996
Anfisa in Three Sisters, February 1997
Moth in  Singing in the Wilderness, April 2000
Phoebe in Haywire, May 2001
Abby in Arsenic and Old Lace, November 2003

Technical Credits

Director / Producer
Eight comedy sketches, May 1983

Assistant Director/ Producer
Towards Zero, March 1960
She stoops to conquer, November 1960
Uncle Vanya, February 1983
Three Sisters, February 1997

Assistant Stage Manager
Come into The Garden Maud, April 1981

Production Secretary
The Sins of the Fathers, November 1967

Mary Thorne, May 1989

Candida, May 1984

The Laboratory , February 1973
The Ghost Train, February 1982
Uncle Vanya, February 1983
Love from a Stranger, February 1984
Bedroom Farce, November 1984
The Killing of Sister George, June 1987
Fingers, February 1988
Ten Times Table, November 1989
With all my love I hate you, June 1990
Cuckoo, November 1990
The Small hours, February 1994
The Miser, November 1994
Talking Heads & Tails – A Women of Letters; Black and Silver; Cast Off Five, May 1995
Dancing at Lughnasa, November 1995
Season’s Greetings, November 1996
Last of the Red Hot Lovers, May 1997
The Edge of Darkness, February 1998
Table Manners, November 1998
Don’t Dress for Dinner, May 1999
She Stoops to Conquer, November 1999
Nightmare: The Fright of Your Life, February 2000
Key For Two, May 2000
Round and Round the Garden, November 2000
Present Laughter, February 2001
Thriller of the Year, February 2002
I Thought I Heard a Rustling, June 2002
My Three Angels, November 2002
Night of The Iguana, February 2003
Building Blocks, June 2003
Theft, June 2004
Rumours, November 2004
Barefoot in the Park, June 2005
Deathtrap, November 2005
Florence Nightingale, February 2006
Inspector Drake: The Perfekt Crime, June 2006
Season’s Greetings, November 2007
Mixed Doubles, November 2008
Ghost Writer, November 2009