Joe Platten

Joseph Platten Joined the Settlement Players circa 1940 and has credits spanning 23 years, appearing on stage in over 30 productions.

Acting Credits

Businessman/Sudha in 20th Century Lullaby and Cats of Egypt, December 1940
Cast in 1066 and all That, December 1945
Scrubby in Outward Bound, May 1946
Steward/Ensemble in St Joan, December 1947
Moses in The School for Scandal, December 1948
Wicket Keeper in Willow, Woe is Me, April 1949
Roger Harley in The Queen who kept her Head, November 1949
Cast in 1066 and All That, 1951
Rufus in The Night Outlives your Bravery, Festivals April 1952
A Chairman, A Comic in The Caliph’s Cure, December 1952
Jean in The Pie and the Tart, May 1953
Luke in Festival, February 1954
Mr Tompsett in The Admirable Crichton, November 1954
Captain Snark in One Act Play Festival, December 1954
Stranger in The Spartan Girl, May 1955
Papaguilo in The Ring Game, Festival May 1956
Dapper, a Lawyer’s clerk in The Alchemist, June 1956
Matthew Skipps in The Lady’s not for burning, November 1956
Ensemble in Androcles and the Lion, May 1957
Noah in The play of Noah and the Flood, March 1957
M. De Beaujolis in Festival of Plays, January/February 1958
M. De Beaujolis in The Poison Party, Festival April 1958
Giles Corey in The Crucible, November 1958
Uncle Titus in The Devil’s Disciple, May 1959
Uncle Smelicue in Dark of the Moon, November 1959
Little Aminadab/Diggory in She stoops to conquer, Nov 1960
Vezinet in An Italian straw hat, May 1961
Newspaper seller/ Patient in Without Rhyme or Reason, December 1962
The Judge in With Rhyme, December 1962
Joe Stoddard in Our Town, May 1963
Various parts in 1903 and So What, September 1963