John Baskerville


John Baskerville – backstage.

“Born eight miles north of Liverpool I started my amateur drama at seventeen. An appearance in a one-act festival play gave rise to the decision that my talents were best used backstage. Following several 3-act drama plays my excitement turned to pantomimes and then onto operatic shows in Liverpool’s professional theatres. Moving to Manchester and then London eventually broke my link with the Liverpool drama world. After a few years in London, and being at a loose end, I picked up with the operatic shows and eventually worked backstage for six societies across North London and the City. Moving to Letchworth in 1983 I came across the Settlement Players but work and family kept this a fringe activity. In the late 1990’s time was freer and I started to help backstage on a regular basis. I have been involved with set design/ construction, stage management, sound, lights and marked a few appearances onstage (a whole 4 lines once plus a cat and several dead bodies). The Starlight Theatre School is also close to my heart and I have enjoyed working with them on many of their end of year musicals. I love working in a creative team and to feel the magical excitement of putting on a piece of theatre.”