Queen Margaret

Queen Margaret by Jeanie O’Hare  13-14 and 20-21 March 2020
Only performed 13 and 14 due to Coronavirus 

Queen Margaret, written by Jeannie O’Hare, using Shakespeare’s original lines alongside new text, retells the Wars of the Roses through the eyes of Margaret of Anjou.
Hungry for power and angered by their king, the nobles of Henry VI’s court plot and scheme against each other. As Henry wavers and the factions split, Queen Margaret is determined to hold on to power and protect the crown that will one day belong to her son.

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Queen Margaret : Jo Roskilly

Henry VI : Finn Riches

Prince Edward : Lewis Muir

Joan of Arc : Grae Kelly

Bagot : Lewis Muir

Humphrey Duke Gloucester : Vince Cook

Cardinal Beaufort : Rhymer Rigby

Duke of Somerset : Janye Downes

Duke of Suffolk : Ian Mutton

Lord Clifford : Rebecca Aloneftis

Duke of York : Amanda Franklin

Edward (later Edward IV) : Jessica Landy

Richard (later Richard III) : Lucy Thurman

Edmund, Earl of Rutland : Grae Kelly

Earl of Warwick : Sarah Rice

Hume : Charlotte McDermott


Director :  Stephen Charles

Rehearsal Prompt : Tracey Rudeforth

Stage Manager : Christine Low

Stage Design : John Baskerville

Lighting : Ruth Wall

Lighting Operator : Dugald Muir

Sound : Alison Muir

Sound Effects : Stephen Charles

ASM : John Baskerville

Costumes : Pat Baskerville

Properties : Margaret Bachini

Woodwork : Ray Thorne

Set Construction : John Baskerville,  Stephen Charles, Ivor Davies, Robert Evans, Graham Frost, Jim Anderson

Publicity : Pat Baskerville

Publicity Photos : Robert Evans

Poster and Programme : Joanna Roskilly