Sex, drugs, Rick n Noel

Sex, drugs, Rick n Noel by David Tristram 15-17 November 2018

A musical comedy. This is the story of Richard Branson. No, not the multi–millionaire Virgin boss, but a redundant factory worker from the Black Country whose wife has just left him for another woman. He applies to do a history course at Birmingham University and meets Noel, another “mature” student with a whole different outlook on life.



Rick : Stuart Cocks

Noel : Ivan Phillips

Helen and Rachel : Amanda Franklin

Maxine : Diane Morrad

Rani : Christine Low

Chorus : Amanda Franklin, Alison Muir, Nicole Ashbrook, Val Barber, Christine Low, Jessica Landy, Jennifer Glatzhofer

Guest Performer : Hamish Robb


Director : Joanna Roskilly

Assistant Director : Rebecca Jones

Vocal coach and arrangements : Emma Roskilly

Stage Manager : Tracy Rudeforth

ASM : Pat Baskerville , John Baskerville

Stage Design : John Baskerville

Lighting : Ruth Wall

Sound : Robert Evans

Sound Design : Dan Writer

Properties : Margaret Bachini

Costumes : Pat Baskerville

Set Construction : Jim Anderson, John Baskerville, Stephen Charles, Ivor Davies, Robert Evans, Graham Frost, Lucy Thurman

Publicity : Pat Baskerville

Front of House : Jeremy Evans & The Players