The Accused

The Accused by Jeffrey Archer 17 – 19 November 2022
The Accused, is a tense courtroom drama with a difference. The audience will act as the jury, as if they were in the Central Criminal Court at the Old Bailey. Did Dr Sherwood murder his wife? Was Jennifer Mitchell his mistress? Which of his alibis should you believe.


Sir James Barrington QC – Graeme Bussey


Antonia Kersley QC – Hannah Shaw

His Lordship Mr Justice Cartwright – Jim Anderson

Jennifer Mitchell – Sarah Rice

Patrick Sherwood – James Barnard

Jury Bailiff – Pat Phillips

Detective Chief Inspector Payne – Richard Osborne

Doris Webster (porter) – Alison Hudson

Nadia Hodžić (pharmacist) – Jenn Pickstone-Groves

Professor Elizabeth Forsyth – Samantha Powell

Alison Ashton – Jessica Landy

Andrew Jarvis – Hamish Robb


Court Usher – Val Barber

Guard – Lewis Muir


Director : Jo Roskilly

Assistant Director : Samantha Powell

Stage Manager : Tracey Rudeforth

ASM : Grae Kelly

Stage Design : John Baskerville

Lighting Design and Operation : Robert Evans

Sound : Rick Weston

Costumes : Pat Baskerville

Properties : Margaret Bachini

SFX Makeup : Janye Downes

Social Media : Lisa Cooper

Set Construction : John Baskerville,  Stephen Charles, Ivor Davies, Robert Evans, Graham Frost, Neil Roskilly and Rick Weston

Publicity :  Stephen Charles

Publicity Photos : Robert Evans

Poster and Programme : Joanna Roskilly and Dan Writer

Sponsor : Heckford Norton Solicitors