John Elson

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John Elson joined the Settlement Players circa 1957 and has credits spanning 50 years. John appeared in around 100 productions with the players. John was also involved in set design/building and back stage roles in over 50 productions. The Men’s dressing room is named after John Elson, a dedication and picture can be found in the dressing room.

Acting Credits

Soldiers, Gladiators & Christians in Androcles and the Lion, May 1957
Inspector Futvoye in Robert’s Wife, November 1957
David Carmichael in Festival of Plays, January/February 1958
Col Jeffery (Indian Army) in Sweeney Todd, May 1958
Rev. Hale in The Crucible, November 1958
The Doctor in Cradle Song (Excerpt), April 1959
Soldier/Villager in The Devil’s Disciple, May 1959
Preacher Haggler in Dark of the Moon, November 1959
Pc Benson in Towards Zero, March 1960
Dr John Royd in Festival of Plays, May 1960
Young Mr Marlow in She stoops to conquer, November 1960
Maurice Townsend in The Heiress, March 1961
Marco in A View from the Bridge, November 1961
Mr Sampson in Festival of One Act Plays, February 1962
Pierre in The Pie and the Tart, April 1962
Zeus in The Rape of the Belt, May 1962
Nicholas in She passed through Lorraine, November 1962
Poems read in With Rhyme, December 1962
Paris/Mustard in Without Rhyme or Reason, December 1962
Charles Scurfield in Half Dead, March 1963
Mr Webb in Our Town, May 1963
Various Roles in 1903 and So What, September 1963
Henry Ormonroyd in When we are married, November 1963
Amos in The Queen and the Rebels, March 1964
Mr Sampson in Mr Sampson, Festivals April 1964
The General in Romanoff and Juliet, November 1964
Julian Wyburton in The River Line (act 2), Festivals April 1965
Henry in Present Laughter, May 1965
Dr Henry Rutterby in Blunder; The Way to Norwich; Irresistible, December 1965
Julius Winterhalter in Waters of the Moon, February 1966
The Story Teller in The Caucasian Chalk Circle , April 1966
Pawnbroker/Insurance Agent in Woman in a dressing gown, May 1966
Hatchett in Black Ey’d Susan, November 1966
Bartley in Riders to the Sea, November 1966
Bartley in Riders to the Sea, Festivals April 1967
Herr Winkelkopkf in Lord Arthur Savile’s crime, April 1967
Various parts in The Sins of the Fathers, November 1967
Naryshkin in Great Catherine (acts 1, 2 and 4), Festivals April 1968
Dr Jeffries in Bonaventure, May 1968
Speaker of the Prologue in The Knight of the Burning Pestle, November 1968
The Judge in The Chalk Garden, February 1969
Gordon Nerill in The Generation Factor, Festivals April 1969
Alonso in A Hundred Years old, May 1969
Herr Oberhofer & GB Shaw in A Dream of John Bull, November 1969
The Little Peasant in The Little Peasant, Festivals April 1970
Fiers in The Cherry Orchard, May 1970
Investigation Councillor 1 in The Red Barn Mystery, November 1970
The Chinese Soldier in The Conquest of Everest, Festivals April 1971
Senator Logan/Colonel Forsyth in Indians, November 1971
Willie Mossop in Hobson’s Choice , February 1972
Willie Mossop in Hobson’s Choice (Act 1) , April 1972
The Revd Wandsworth Teeter in Barnstable, Festivals April 1972
Cardinal Wolsey in The White Falcon, November 1972
Schuppanzigh in Black Comedy, February 1973
Stage Manager in The Happy Journey, Festivals April 1973
Count de Moret in The Noble Spaniard , May 1973
Vincentio and Servant in The Taming of the Shrew , November 1973
Pape in Breath of Spring , February 1974
Decianus in When the Bough Breaks, Festivals April 1974
Paul Reston in Who Killed Santa Claus, November 1974
Pelling in And so to bed , February 1975
Rev. Randall Cooper in Daughter of the Left Hand , May 1975
The Sergeant / Old Colonel in Mother Courage and her Children, November 1975
Bystander in Pygmalion, February 1976
The man with a bandage in Mother Courage and her Children, Festivals April 1976
Richard Greatham in Hay Fever, May 1976
Captain Bluntschli in Arms and the Man, November 1976
Husband in Mixed Doubles, Festivals April 1977
Robertson in Lloyd George knew my father, May 1977
Policeman in The Parable of the Good Woman of Setzuan, November 1977
Inspector Hound in The Real Inpector Hound, May 1978
Mr Dumby in Lady Windermere’s Fan, November 1978
Waiter in The Two Gentlemen of Soho, Festivals April 1979
Foigard in The Beaux Strategem, November 1979
Inspector Hound in The Real Inspector Hound, Festivals April 1980
Wedding Party in The Day after the Fair, May 1980
Sir Ronald Ronson in A Play for Ronnie, May 1981
Workman in Uncle Vanya, February 1983
Various in Eight comedy sketches, May 1983
A Man in After Eight-The Waiting Room; Countdown; Sunday Costs Five Pesos, November 1983
Rev. John Braithwaite in Gosforth’s Fete, Festivals April 1985
Chris in Midsummer Mink, February 1986
Sergeant in The Journey, Festivals April 1986
The Rev. Banks in Anna of the five towns, June 1986
The Lord Chief Justice in Night must fall, November 1986
The Angel in The Play of the Yorkshire Shepherds, Festivals April 1987
Villager in The Cavern, Festivals April 1988
Henry Ormonroyd in When we are married, February 1989
Gentlemen in Mary Thorne, May 1989
Lawrence in Ten Times Table, November 1989
Edward Strachan in Pink String and Sealing Wax, November 1991
Inspector Jobling in Hidden Meanings, February 1992
Inspector Jobling in Hidden Meanings, Festivals April 1992
Sergeant Jones of the 41st in The Shaughraun, November 1992
Sgt Bray in Brush with a body, February 1993
Schuppanzigh in Black Comedy, May 1993
1st Footman in A woman of no importance, November 1993
Waiter in Plaza Suite, May 1994
Officer in The Miser, November 1994
Dean of Paddington in Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime, February 1995
Lane in The importance of being Earnest, November 1997
Roger/Fellow at Inn in She Stoops to Conquer, November 1999
Phipps in An Ideal Husband, November 2001
Mr Gibbs in Arsenic and old lace, November 2003
Manservant in Tartuffe, February 2004