Christobel Thomas

Christobel Thomas joined the Settlement Players circa 1934.

Acting Credits

Villager in The Devil’s Disciple, February 1933
Bystander in Pygmalion, November 1933
Maid in You Never Can Tell, February 1934
Sarah Smerdon in The Farmers Wife, April 1934
Julia Cringeworthy in The Young Idea, November/December 1934
Sebastian in Twelfth Night, February/March 1935
Mrs Bains in Major Barbara, November 1935
Hannah Mudge in Barnet’s Folly, May 1936
Lady Avonlage in Nine Till Six, April 1938
Viola in Call to Kenilworth; Celestial Meeting; The Sword is Double Edged, February 1940
Cast in Its Autumn Now; Back to Adam; Midsummer Nights Dream, February 1941
Pianist in Mimes and One Act Play, June 1942
Mrs Coaxer in The Beggars Opera, July 1943
Mimes in One Act Plays and Mimes, 1953