Mimes and One Act play

Programme of Mimes and One act Play   
Mimes by the Settlement Players, Swan Song by T B Morris
26th – 27th June 1942



Mummers : Alec Barrett, Derek Booth, Molly Booth, Harry Doherty, Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Jack Hannah, Dorothy Lovegrove, Marjorie Manners, Gwen Spinks , Ken Spinks , David Thomas, Florence Thompson, Elaine Tickle

Pianist : Christobel Thomas

Swan Song

Gladys, A Dresser : Muriel Regester

Aurore, Ballet Dancer : Marjorie Manners

Hazel, Ballet Dancer : Jose Richardson

Joan, Ballet Dancer : Ida Price

April, Ballet Dancer : Dorothy Lovegrove

Elena Delmonte, Prima Ballerina : Kathleen Fitzpatrick

Marilla Nordavera, Ballet Director : Elaine Tickle

Irene Everton, A Doctor : Dorris Barrett