David Thomas

David Thomas joined the Settlement Players circa 1933, with credits spanning 20 years, appearing on stage in 15 productions.

Acting Credits

Sergeant in The Devil’s Disciple, February 1933
Sarcastic Bystander in Pygmalion, November 1933
The Waiter in You Never Can Tell, February 1934
Samuel Sweetland in The Farmers Wife, April 1934
Cast in Playboy of The Western World, 1941
Various in Its Autumn Now; Back to Adam; Midsummer Nights Dream, February 1941
Mummer in Mimes and One Act Play, June 1942
Baron Cesarea in Death takes a Holiday, November 1942
Dona Evaristo in A Hundred Years Old, April 1943
Belzanor/Sentinel in Caesar and Cleopatra, October 1944
Baron in Puppet Show, May 1946
Matey in Dear Brutus, November 1946
Crabtree in The School for Scandal, December 1948
Cast in 1066 and All That, 1951
Mimes in One Act Plays and Mimes, 1953