Brush with a body

Brush with a body by Maurice McLoughlin  18th – 20th February 1993

Comedy.  In Sybil Walling’s absence her children call in the chimney-sweep, whose brushes dislodge not only soot but a body.

93 brush outer 93 brush inner


Sarah Walling : Val Searle

Cynthia Walling : Claire Fleming

Mr Flaherty : Haydn Stradling

Mrs D’Arcy : Joyce Elson

Henry Walling : Peter Fleming

Paul Martell : Rickie Oakley

Sybil Walling : Rita Downing

Detective Inspector Hardy : John Timms

Sergeant Bray : John Elson

Rosita Hernandez : Penelope Salkeld

The Hon. Pamela Colefax : Liz Pybus


Director : Geoffrey Palmer

Stage Manager : John Moules

Lighting : William Heaton

Sound : William Heaton

Prompt : Val Searle

Properties : John Moules

Costumes : Claire Fleming and the Players

Set Construction : Rickie Oakley, John Elson, William Heaton, Robert Evans, David Fyfe, Hedley Parkins