Geoffrey Palmer

Geoffrey Palmer Joined the Settlement Players in 1984.

Acting Credits

Earnest in Bedroom Farce, November 1984
Mak in The Play of the Yorkshire Shepherds, Festivals April 1987
Councillor Albert Parker in When we are married, February 1989
Tim in Ten Times Table, November 1989
Mr Galbraith in Shop for charity, June 1990
Inspector Hemingway in Home at Seven, February 1991
Second Woodcutter in Blood Wedding (Act 3), Festivals April 1991
The Ven. James Daubeny, DD in A woman of no importance, November 1993
Roy Hubley in Plaza Suite, May 1994
Jacques in The Miser, November 1994
Herr Winkelkopf in Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime, February 1995
Ogre in Jack and the Ogre, January 1996
Harvey in Season’s Greetings, November 1996

Technical credits

Squat Betty, February 1992
Brush with a body, February 1993
Talking Heads & Tails – A Women of Letters; Black and Silver; Cast Off Five, May 1995