Wait Until Dark

Cast announcement : Wait Until Dark by Frederick Knott, 
15th-17th June 2023 at the Little Theatre, Settlement.

Frederick Knott’s tense psychological thriller is the story of Susy Hendrix, a blind women living in Notting Hill Gate in 1971, who unwittingly possesses a doll filled with illicit drugs. A brutal criminal coerces two ex-convicts into helping him with an elaborate con to retrieve the doll from Susy.  A battle of wits ensues as Susy with help from an unexpected source, launches a counterplot against the criminals, that  ends with a terrifying confrontation.

Tickets available from early May.

The cast, in order or appearance

•    Mike – Ivan Phillips

•    Croker – Stephen Charles

•    Roat – Hamish Robb

•    Susy Henderson – Jo Roskilly

•    Sam Henderson – Vince Cook

•    Gloria – Jess Landy

•    First Police Officer – Jaqueline McDonald

•    Second Police Officer – Grae Kelly

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