Playhouse Creatures Rehearsal pictures

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A contemplative playhouse creature during rehearsals.   Playhouse Creatures by April De Angelis will be performed 7-9th March 2019 at the Letchworth Settlement.
A content playhouse creature.
“If it’s the right chair, it doesn’t take too long to get comfortable in it” – Robert De Niro
7-9th March 2019 at the Letchworth Settlement.

Settlement Players – Come and Join us making Quality Theatre in 2019

Come along to the Settlement Players in 2019 – Everyone is welcome, whether your interest is acting, stage managing, producing, directing, sound production, lighting design, set and props construction, show design, rehearsal prompting, show props, costume and wardrobe, coordinating front of house, box office, running the bar, programme production and poster design, website design, publicity, facilities and electrics maintenance; or even just coming to watch an excellent show with friends.

An opportunity to meet people, develop new skills and have some fun. Contact us by email or social media to get involved.

Playhouse Creatures Cast Announcement.

We are pleased to announce the cast for our March Production on the 7- 9 March.

A bold, bloody and bawdy tale of the first women on the 17th century stage.

Mrs Gwynn Jessica Landy
Mrs Farley Lucy Thurman
Mrs Barry Lisa Cooper
Mrs Marshall Sarah Rice
Mrs Betterton Jo Roskilly
Doll Common Alison Hudson
John Wilmot Ivan Phillips
Thomas Otway Hamish Robb
Ensemble Rebecca Aloneftis, Christine Low.

Audition Notice for 2019 Festival Play

Audition notice
Hi Everyone,
As some of you know, I made my debut as a writer in September with a one act play called The second night. It is a simple piece, showing how I think two people may have spent the last few hours of their lives before becoming victims in one of the most notorious crimes of the twentieth century.
I would like to take my play to a couple of festivals in 2019 but, unfortunately, the original cast are now unavailable. Consequently, I am going to hold auditions to recast for the festivals.
The parts are
Leno LaBianca A successful American middle-aged businessman.
Rosemary LaBianca His wife, a successful businesswoman in her own right. She is younger than her husband.
Neither role is particularly physically demanding but there are quite a lot of lines to learn.
The auditions will be in the main hall at the Settlement on Wednesday 5th December at 8.00pm and Sunday 9th December at 10.30am.
Obviously, you must be available for the festivals. I cannot give you a specific performance dates yet, but the festival dates are as follows.
The 54th Sawston Drama Festival, The Marven Centre, New Road, Sawston from 21 – 23 March 2019 and the 85th Welwyn Drama Festival, The Barn Theatre, Welwyn Garden City from May 13-18th, 2019.

If you want to know more about the events on which my play is based, then Google the Manson Family murders and Leno and Rosemary LaBianca.
If you are interested and would like to see a script ahead of time, please let me know and I will send it to you. I hope to see you at the auditions.
My new email address is

Reminder: Audition Notice for Playhouse Creatures by April De Angelis

Audition notice

Playhouse Creatures by April De Angelis 7-9th March 2019 Audition Notice
Audition dates: 21st Nov at 8pm in the Hall and 25th Nov at 3pm in the Brunt room. Rehearsals will be Mon, Wed, Sun starting 28th Nov.
This is the 1997, 6 female, 2 male version of the play plus ensemble, – all of the characters portrayed have interesting stories. If you are interested I can provide a copy of the script.

Bawdy, bloody and bold – this earthy account of the lives of some of the first English actresses is funny yet honest and gritty. Life was tough and the gutter never far away. The time is 1669 – London – The monarchy has been restored and, on his return from France, Charles II has brought with him a love of theatre and of actresses! He decrees that women are allowed on the English stage for the first time, much to the delight of their male admirers! Corsets are pulled tight, cleavage revealed and the extreme lengths these ‘Creatures’ will go to for success.

Accents will be London with lower status characters having stronger accents and high status characters having less pronounced accents.

Doll Common: Described as “timeless…a vagrant” The oldest in the cast and though not a real person, she is fundamental to the play as a sort of ‘everywoman’. She has seen everything before and has a dark, sharp and deeply perceptive wit that provides much of the social commentary in the play. Audition speech (prologue)
Nell Gwynn: – The youngest for a major part of the play. She is open, streetwise and never forgets her roots in Coal Yard Alley. We are introduced to Nell from selling oranges, to leading lady, to being the Kings mistress. She provides a great deal of the play’s energy and is often a great foil for Doll’s wit. Audition scene (first scene with Mrs Farley)
Mrs Elizabeth Farley – is a little older than Nell begins the play as a naïve, recently bereaved Puritan minister’s daughter and her journey marks the story of many young actresses of the era who were certainly blinded by the promise of “lace” and “accoutrements”. Audition scene (first scene with Nell)
Mrs Elizabeth Barry – Similar age to Farley, a smaller role, we see Elizabeth journey from a starry eyed actress to the plaything of the infamous Earl of Rochester. Also part of the theatre company ensemble. (End monologue).
Mrs Rebecca Marshall (older than Mrs Farley) is already an accomplished actress when the play starts. One of the most modern of the characters, Mrs Marshall Campaigns for equality and “shares” in the theatre’s profits for the actresses. She comes to a rather sobering recognition of the reality of being an actress. Audition scene (her final scene)
Mrs Mary Betterton – (bit younger than Doll) the wife of Thomas Betterton – Mrs Betterton discovers that she is a relic of a bygone era. Her formidable acting style, her looks and perhaps her love of theatre itself appear to be out of fashion. Initially we may laugh at her, but increasingly we recognise that her plight is all too familiar. Audition speech (final damned spot monologue)
John Wilmot – The infamous wit, 2nd Earl of Rochester, who wrote poetry, scandalously womanised, and drank himself to death by 33. A small but debauched role. (End monologue).
Thomas Otway – Writer, Poet, Friend of John Wilmot and in love with Elizabeth Barry. A smaller debauched role. Also part of the theatre company ensemble. Audition scene (first scene with Gwynn and Farley)
Ensemble – Theatre Company Players, Tavern drunks, rich and poor of 17th Century London.