Come into the Garden Maud

Come into the Garden Maud by Noel Coward

Performed 10 April 1981 at the Letchworth Little Theatre 19th Drama Festival 09-11 April 1981

Also performed at the Welwyn festival

She is a social climber, while he is a rich cornhusker who couldn’t care less about society. While the wife is entertaining a high and mighty prince downstairs, the husband is entertaining a threadbare princess upstairs. It doesn’t take long for the husband to realize he has more in common with royalty than his wife does.


Anna-Mary Conklin : Rita Downing

Verner Conklin : Roger Stubbs

Maud Caragnani : Margaret Gibbs

Felix : Peter Lee


Director: Ruth Ferguson

Stage Manager: Ann Brooke-Smith

Assistant Stage Manager: Joyce Elson